My Recent Mood

I was restless recently. My mother was knocked down by a taxi crossing over the zebras and she was in need of taking care of. I was very busy and had no time to look after her. My new sunglasses shop was being decorated and there were many problems waiting for me to deal with on my construction sites. My wife was very sensitive recently and got angry because of a short messenger sent by an unknown person. She broke my brand sunglasses onto the ground and went to her mother’s house. As a matter of fact, she had no confidence in her own. She always said she had become old and I did not love her anymore. The fact did not like this. I was too busy to concern about her. She asked me to buy her a pair of polarized sunglasses and I forgot the thing because of the busying, so she mistook I left out her. I asked one of my friends to help her buy a pair of women Versace sunglasses. He had lived in Hong Kong for several years and he could buy a pair of good sunglasses there.

                                   The Family of the Boy I Taught

In order to make some pocket money and make full use of my spare time, I found a part-time job as a tutor in a rich family when I attended the university. The boy I taught was very naughty and mischievous. He wore a pair of oversized sunglasses playing on the road the first time I saw him. He knocked me down and did not say sorry to me. I thought he was too impolite and uneducated. He did not study hard every time I taught him. He was looking at the time and hoped seven o’clock coming as soon as possible. His father, who always wore his Gucci sunglasses, was a chairman of a foreign investment company and looked indifferently. His mother was a full-time wife, who looked warmer and friendlier than his husband. What she wore was all brands on her body. They were brands sunglasses, brands clothes and brands jewelries. Every woman admired her. His grandmother was more indifferent and I had never heard her talking when I was in his house. What a strange!

                                 It Was Hard To Have a Good Rest

A driver stopped his car on a street side to have a rest. He put his rado replica watch in the front of the steel wheel. As he lay down in the seat and was ready to fall asleep, an old man came to knock at the window and ask him to check his rado for time. The driver opened his eyes and looked at his replica watch. “It's 8: 05,” he said. Then he went to sleep again. But soon he was waked up again because a second person was knocking at the window. “Sir, do you know the time?” he asked. The driver looked at his watch again, and told him it was half past eight. In this way, the driver thought he could not have a good rest, so he wrote a short note and stuck it on the window for all to see. It said, “I don't know the time.”

                                         Mom Can’t Take Care of Me At All

Mr. Green works in a hospital. He is busy driving a car every day. His wife works in a school library. She's strict with her only son, Tommy. Half a year ago, when Tommy was six, Mrs. Green took him to her school. The boy was clever and studied well. But at first he couldn't adapt himself to the new life. In the morning, he woke up late and in the evening he didn't go to bed on time. But his mother tried to make him do everything on time. So she always checked her replica watch to warn Jimmy to do things. One evening, when Mr. Green was driving in a street, a traffic accident happened. When he got home, he began to tell his family about it. “It's time for you to go to bed, Tommy,” said Mrs. Green while she was looking at her gucci replica watch. The boy wanted to listen to his father tell the accident, but he had to do what his mother told him. When he lay down, he said, “I don't think Mom can look after me at all! “Oh, why?” asked his father. The boy said, “She always makes me go to bed when I am not sleepy, but she wakes me up when I'm asleep. And I want to hide her gucci watch at a secret place. So she can’t know the time.” 

                                     My Duty of Feeding the Family

My father lost his life because of lung cancer when I was five years old. It was very hard for my mother to feed the whole family. I had a younger sister and a younger brother. All of us had to eat and wear and go to school. The burden on my mother’s shoulder was rather heavy. I went to work in Carrera sunglasses factory before I finished my high school, wanting to reduce the burden on my mother’s shoulder. I was pleasant to bear the responsibility of feeding the family. I did not want my mother to bear any hardship and only wanted her to enjoy life like many other elder people. I wanted her to wear brands sunglasses and clothes and shoes and dance with elder people in the park to her heart’s content. I wanted my brother and sister to go to university and helped me to finish my dream of attending college. I would buy all of them Cartier sunglasses when they were grown up and many other things they wanted to buy. I was the elder sister, and it was my duty to pay for their fees before they were able to make money.

                                                    My Younger Sister

My father was an orphan and never married in his life. He adopted me and my younger sister when we were little babies. In my eyes, he was the kindest man in the world. He worked in Arnette sunglasses factory since he was twenty years old. My young sister was down with congenital heart disease and in order to save enough money and take her to Beijing to cure her illness, all of us had been always living thrifty life. My younger sister was fascinated with sunglasses since she was a little baby. She wore a pair of oversized sunglasses every night when she was sleeping. She liked to sing and dance, but she could not be excited because of her illness. It would be difficult for her to breathe when she sang to the high-pitch voice. After three years of our mutual efforts, my father could finally take my younger sister to Beijing one day. She wore a pair of kids’ sunglasses and just looked like a small super star. She was a healthy child and could go to school liked other children after she came back from Beijing.

                                              Never Borrow Money From You

Last Sunday afternoon, after finishing shopping in the replica watch store, I was having dinner in a restaurant nearby. I saw my friend Poor came in with a piece of rolex watch in on his wrist. Poor is working in a bank and is quite rich, but he is always bor­rowing money from his friends and never pays it back. So his rolex was also bought by the money he borrowed from one of his best friends. Poor saw me and came to sit at my table. He had never borrowed any money from me. When he was eating, I asked him to lend me two dollars. To my surprise, he gave me the money at once. But when we were going to finish the dinner, he smiled at me and said, "I have never bor­rowed any money from you, so you can pay for my dinner.” I was very angry, but I controlled myself to say nothing.

                                                      Michel and I

I knew Michel when I studied abroad and we fell in love with each other one year later. We studied together and ate together every day. He was an honest and promising man and cared about me very much. I had never thought I could also find my true love after failing in two loves and I hoped he was my other half in my life. He bought me a pair of Chanel sunglasses on my twenty six years birthday. I was moved to tears when I received the beautiful present, because it was the first time I held a birthday party and the first time I received a gift. I was easy to be moved. We worked in a listed company and got married after three years. I wore my brands sunglasses and went shopping with him at weekends. To be frank, I felt guilty every time I lost my temper in front of him when I encountered unhappy matters. It was not his faults and I should not get angry. I even broke a pair of Cartier sunglasses onto the ground one time. I lived happy life and should be content, but I could not help going angry sometimes. I did not know why.

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                                                    The Old Man in the Park

I went for a walk in the park near my house one early morning. I liked the quietness of it and I could breathe the fresh air down there, so I would go there for a walk as long as I had time. I wore my wrap around sunglasses and enjoyed the environment with a pleasant mood and felt life was so beautiful. There were few people in the early morning and I could only see an old man sitting on the chair. He looked sixty years old. I went to sit beside him and struck a conversation with him. He said that he had two sons worked in Chinese Gucci Sunglasses Company and one daughter was studying in America. I thought he was a lucky man having a rich family and living rich life. But he seemed to be unhappy. He said he was rather lonely and wanted to go travelling with his sons one day. He did not need brands sunglasses; he only hoped his sons could accompany him and chatted with him. He said he lived in a large house alone, and nobody talked with him, so he went to the park everyday.

                                                At last, she gets a job

Rose wanted a job when she was seventeen. Though it was not difficult to find a job in the country, it was not very easy to find a fit job at the same time. Because Rose studied in a famous university because of its replica watches, she wanted to find a job about watches. But more than two months past, she also didn’t find it. By a chance, she saw a board “This office needs a typist who types some articles about omega watches, fashion clothes and so on”. Rose was excited. She went to the manager’s office. The manager was looking at his louis vuitton watch when she came into the office. Rose knocked at the door. The manager raised his head. “Do you need a typist?” asked Rose. “Yes!” the manager said. Rose jumped up and clapped her hands. She couldn’t help saying “ok! I will take this job. How much will you pay me?” The manager thought for a few seconds and said “I will pay you twenty-seven dollars in the first three months. Then I will pay you thirty dollars.” Rose smiled and answered: “Great, I will come and work here.”

                                                Money is not enough

I went to the supermarket the other day with 20 Yuan. I found a lot of replica watches in the glass closet. They were very beautiful and cute. Though I had not enough money to pay them, I think it was also nice to see them closely. Special Gucci watches, they are my favorite.

Then I thought the words of my mother. My mother was a fashion and kind woman. She had two daughters. One was me and the other one was my little sister. When I got out, she asked me to select a picture of an omega watch for my little sister. That picture took 10 Yuan. About thirty minutes later, I was a bit hungry, so I decided to buy a small pack of cookies which cost me 4 Yuan. After I ate them, I was still hungry, so I decided to buy a small bag of potato chips which cost me another 3 Yuan again. After I ate them both, I was no longer hungry. However, I was very thirsty and wanted to buy a large bottle of milk to drink, but I didn’t have enough money left because even a small box of milk would cost me 2 Yuan and I needed 2 Yuan to pay the bus. I had to give up and returned to my home.

                                                     An Appointment

At noon yesterday after dinner, I wore my Carrera sunglasses strolling in the vicinity of the unit in the bridge and saw a woman riding a tricycle to sell bonsai, a gladiolus, asparagus fern, goldenrod, and narcissus ball. I wanted to buy a few daffodils ball, which would blossom during the Spring Festival. The old lady wearing a pair of black sunglasses told me that a few daffodils were selling the remaining balls, made a late bud, it was estimated that they would be flowering after the Spring Festival. She said if I really wanted to buy it, she would bring several good balls to me the next day, ensuring they could bloom during the Spring Festival. So she and I made an appointment the next day at noon, the same time and the same place. I wore my brand sunglasses and went out. It was snowing outside and there had been a plot of thick snow on the road. Since I had promised her, I should go to meet her no matter how cold it was outside. I should be trustworthy.

                               A Lonely Old Man Who Loves His Wife So Much

Bob always took the newspaper to Grandpa White’s home last before going home. Grandpa White lived at the end of the road. Bob liked Grandpa White. He was always waiting for him near the front gate with ten of sweets or a nice cake. Besides, he often asked Bob about things he was doing—about what he was going to do for the summer and what he liked to do. The thing that Bob didn't like about Grandpa was his never-ending stories about his love story with his wife. He always showed the gucci replica to him, which was the symbol of their love. Bob never asked to hear about Grandpa’s love story and didn’t want to look at the replica watch, but he couldn’t get away. After Grandpa’s wife died in October, Bob could see that Grandpa was lonelier than ever. He always looked at the gucci replica watch at home without saying anything.

                                             She is different from the others

In our whole life, we will meet hundreds of thousands people. And some of them maybe become our friends. But every one has a different position in our hearts. Some of them are your friends just when you send them omega watches, Gucci glasses and so on; some of them will leave you as you are in troubles and some of them are your friends when they need you.

But Ally is different from them. Ally is my best friend. She is slim and beautiful with a Gucci replica. She is friendly and generous. When I meet her in my high school, she is good at English and I am good at math. So we often help each other. Her interests similar to mine, she likes traveling, collecting the messages about luxury replica watches  and playing table tennis. She is the most knowledgeable person I have ever known. No matter what you ask, she can always find a perfect answer in her brilliant brain. We often play table tennis on weekend and sometimes we go to movies on Sundays.

                                                 My favorite season

A watch replica has twenty-four hours. Like it, many things have their rules. There are four seasons in every year. They are spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every season has its beautiful sight. You will see a lot of and different kinds of flowers, colorful clothes and so on in the summer; you can the yellow leaves in the fall and so on. But my favorite is winter. Although it is cold in winter, it sometimes snows heavily then I can play with snow. I like have a now fight with my friends and make snowman. Besides that, we can draw many pictures on the snow, such as an omega watch, a horse or a beautiful and cute girl. I also like skiing and skating so I often go skiing and skating with my friends in winter. What's more, I like the winter vacation and the Spring Festival. So winter is my favorite season.

But now, I am way from my hometown. Because it is warm in the winter, it hardly snows. Yesterday I get the news which it will has a snow behind a picture of Gucci watch. I feel I seem to return to my hometown again.

                                                  The Director of the Office

I was a lucky girl to be born in the seventies’ of the last century. I was admitted by a university located in our provincial capital. More fortunately, I was arranged to work in our local government as soon as I graduated from the college. I wore my cheap designer sunglasses and went to report to the government happily. I was excited and longed for my first job. Our director let me down the first day I was in the office. He wore a pair of evidence LV sunglasses wandering back and forth in the government building and did nothing. When one office staff was staring at a computer screen a group of photos, he took off his brand sunglasses and shouted, saying that the staff had violated two disciplines: firstly, did something having nothing to do with work during working time; secondly, the computer is the unit property, but he used it to store pictures, which is a serious public property for private behavior. I did not like his way of doing things.

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                                                      The worst holiday

From the sixteenth of January to the seventh of February is our Winter Holiday. I think everybody did a lot of things in the Winter Holiday. Some of people have a shopping with their friends to buy some omega replica watches , many fashion clothes and so on. Some of people choose to have a visit to a bookstore and some of people stay at home and have a plenty of sleep. Now let you to listen to my story of Winter Holiday.

I spend a lot of time on the homework. Every day in my Winter Holiday, I always got up late. Then I ate breakfast and then I did my homework during the daytime! I’m not very slow but the homework was too heavy! I’m unlucky on the playing too. I played firecracker but I hurt my finger with the fire because of my careless. I am still unlucky on my friend’s party which is asked to wear a watch replica for everyone. In the morning, I wanted to get up early but I woke up at 10:50. After ten minutes, the party would start! So I only eat a piece of bread then I go to my friend’s home! I’m worried and feel unlucky on my weigh. Last term, I was 48 kilogram but now I am 51 kilogram! Besides that, my Gucci watch left me in the Winter Holiday. It took all my money which I get because of my part-time job.

In a word, it is a bad Winter Holiday.

                                                         I love my home

As the term was drawing to an end, I eagerly looked forward to going home. Because of it, I hardly forget my omega replica watch to my class. And I planned to do hundreds and thousands things during the vacation. Above all, I wanted to help my mother with housework. 

However, at home, my mother would never let me do anything. She completely deprived me of sharing her work. She was a kind and gentle woman. Though we were not poor, she also didn’t spend any money on herself, even a cheap watch replica. Besides that, she didn’t go to school while she was a kid. So as I opened a book to read, she would sit down beside me and ask me about all kinds of things at the college. To please her, I told her one thing after another.

The second thing, I want to work with my father together in the same factory. My father is a worker in his factory which makes all kinds of luxury replica watches. The third, the forth and ……

But when I left home at the end of the vacation, not a thing in my plan had been carried out. But I also felt very happy. I believed much more deeply than before in the old saying “Home, sweet home. There’s no place like home!”

                                                    My trip to Hong Kong

If I was the boss of a replica watches company, a movie factory or a famous clothes shop, what do I do in my vacation? At first, I must give a long vacation for myself because I usually work so hard in my workdays. And I think Hong Kong is a nice place for my vacation.

Hong Kong is well known because of its prosperity and it is the heaven of shopping. I will buy a Gucci watch for my elder sister who always takes care of me. Moreover, my friends told me that Hong Kong is an international modern city which makes foreign visitors comfortable. So I book an air ticket to Hong Kong and a five-star hotel. I plan to spend five days in Hong Kong. Three days for shopping and tasting delicious food and the rest of two days to visit my best friend who opens a big omega watches shop in Hong Kong.

I wish I would have a good time in Hong Kang!

                                             The life of my winter holiday

At the beginning of my winter vacation nothing is different for my life. I wake up when the omega replica watch says it is 10:00 o’clock Am everyday, after a washing, I have a good lunch with my parents. Next I have a short visit to the Gucci watch factory with my parents together and I play computer games till the time to have supper. After have dinner. I go on playing till 2 o’clock Am, and then go to sleep with tired. This is one dull day of my winter vacation. But I haven’t bored al the time. Of course, sometimes I read the books, sometime I listen to the music or

Have a visit to a replica watches shop and a fashion clothes shop.

Because it was very cold outside and snowy all the day, I also date some of my good friends during the vacation and have a very long talk about the life of each other in the past year and play table tennis together.

And I watched the spring festival party of the CCTV in the last seconds of the last year! I think this is the same thing which most people of Chinese do at that time. That’s all, all my dull, coldly and snowy winter vacation.

                          I hope there would be a blackout the next day

I spend a lot of time on the homework. Every day in my Summer Holiday, I always got up late. Then I see my replica omega watch, it just was nine o’clock. Then I ate breakfast and then I did my homework during the daytime! I’m not very slow but the homework was too heavy! One night, I was doing my homework at my home. My father was making a survey about luxury replica watches in the study room. My mother was interested in Shanghai opera. She was watching a Shanghai opera contest.

Every apartment was very quiet. Suddenly the light went out. It came and I didn’t have to It was a lucky, fortunate day. My parents agreed with me. I took out some candles and lighted up. We were singing, laughing and talking. We had a really good time. But while I was speaking a story about the love between a Gucci watch and a charming man, the light suddenly turned on. Oh, my God. My father went back to his room went on writing. My mother turned on the TV and said to me “Dear, do your homework!” I felt very frustrated. I sat at the desk and thought I hated light. I hoped there would be a blackout the next day. I thought I would enjoy myself more and more. I went into a dream……

                                                     It is still a nice day

The first day, I am much too happy and get up early because my parents say they will take me to the zoo. When I am ready well, I look at the Gucci watch on the wall. It just is 7:00 o’clock in the morning. Then my parents and I leave the home and walk to our destination. About ten minutes later, we get it. In the zoo, I see many beautiful animals. There are lions, elephants, birds, tigers, monkeys, and kangaroo. The lions are sleeping. Elephants are having bananas. Birds are flying in the sky. Tigers are having meat. Monkeys are climbing the trees. Kangaroos are jumping. Every animal is very happy. The people are happy, too. They are playing with the animals. Every one is very happy. I love the zoo.

The time passes fast. The evening is coming. Though I don’t want to say goodbye to those animals, I must return to my home with my parents together. It is a nice and meaningful day for me. But my tears fall down when I find my Movado replica watch which comes from my parents on my last birthday missed. Though it is cheap, it is very precious for me. Besides that, it is the first gift from my friends. After that, my parents take me to have a visit to the replica watches shop which is near my home and buy another one for me.

                                                 A funny story

I have a happy summer vacation. I stay at home and go to the countryside during the summer vacation.

At home, I do my homework. I watch TV, too. One day, I read an article about an omega replica watch by a middle student. It says a watch baby who lost its way while it has a trip with its parents. Though it is hard for it to look for its parents, it does its best and insists on all the time. At last, it finds its way to return to its parents.

After that, I get an idea which I want to have a survey about I make the survey about replica watches which are near us. Then I find a funny story which is about my grandma and my grandpa.

They are both sixty years old. I live in the countryside with my grandpa and my grandma in the countryside. As I ask something about watches. They smiles at the same time. Later, my Mum tells me my grandma is moved and marries my grandpa because of a Gucci replica.

Traveling is my favorite

I like the summer holiday every year. Last summer, I got a par-time job which is in a best replica watches shop as a waiter. Though it was very tired and hard, at the same time it is also a special experience. I didn’t regret about it.

This summer I went to Beijing for my holiday, Beijing is our capital city. I went to the Summer Palace, climbed the Great Wall and went to many places of interest. I had a very good time. During this summer holiday, I saw the beautiful sea. I enjoyed having a walk along the beach after supper and having a swim in the moonlight. Besides that, I also joined a game and get an omega replica watch from that host. It’s really “cool”. Though my parents buy an omega watch for me, I always wear that watch replica.

When I at home, I do my homework in the morning. In the afternoon I play the piano. But in the evening I can watch TV after a long walk with my parents.

If you ask me what’s my favorite summer holiday will be like, traveling around the world is the only answer. I like travelling so much that l often meet different people and visit different places of interest in my dream. I wish I can have two summer holidays in a year.

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                                                  I love my families

There are three people in my family. They are my father my mother and I.

My father is 40 years old. Though he is not young, he is also a charming man. He is an excellent man since he was born. In addiction, he is a teacher. He wears that franck replica watch which comes from my grandfather while he stays in the school. He loves his job very much.

My mother is 38 years old. She is different from my father. But she is also a perfect lady. She has an omega replica watches company. She is busy every day. She almost goes out from my home at 6:30 o’clock and returns home at 11:00 o’clock in night. She puts her whole heart into her job.

I don’t have brothers or sisters. I am the only kid in my family. Maybe because of my mother, I also like watches. As soon as I watch some things which are about watch replica, I always become quiet and cute. 

My parents are usually very busy. They both work very hard. But every weekend the three of us will spend together. I love my families very much.

                                          Learning and play

My mother is a fashion lady. She likes Gucci watches, LV bags and so on. She is different from my father.

She will say “Learning and play are necessary to us. The former gives us knowledge while the latter gives rest when our replica watches say we need to have a rest. An English proverb is well said “Learning while you learning play while you play.” It makes our life pleasant, efficient and successful. Learning is one thing and play is another. It is of course not good to learning all day long. However, it is also not good to play all day long. While you learning, you should learning in earnest. Then while you play, you will feel more relaxed and pleasant.” while my father tells me “Our lives like the pins on an omega watch. We must keep running all the time since we are born. The learning is too. As food is to the body, so is learning to the mind. Our bodies grow and muscles develop with the intake of adequate nutritious food. Likewise, we should keep learning day by day to maintain our keen mental power and expand our intellectual capacity. Constant learning supplies us with inexhaustible fuel for driving us to sharpen our power of reasoning, analysis, and judgment. Learning incessantly is the surest way to keep pace with the times in the information age, and an infallible warrant of success in times of uncertainty.”

                                                   A charming town

My hometown is in Jiangsu. It is a beautiful and rich city. There are many schools and huge number of people. Besides that, it is famous in our country because of its replica watches.

The spring of it is very beautiful and warm. The windy touches your face gently, the rain falls down the floor and the green trees on two sides of the street decorate the city. Besides that, it seems a young lady who wears an omega watch. She sings and dances with a smile on her face. The winter is the same beautiful with the spring. Special the snow, the every thing is usual in night. But you can find every thing puts on a white and beautiful cloth with just a night. But sometimes it is also different. It has some temper when it is in the trouble. On that moment, it is rude. It likes a man who lives in the forest all the time and wear a franck muller watch. It is the same wild with those animals and charming with a handsome.

In a word, you will love it if you can spend on it for a long time.

I am proud of you, my dear university

On the way to my university, I found there were many luxury replica watches near the university.

Conveniently speak about I have fun with all kinds of watches very much. It was not over 8:00 o’clock when we arrived at my university. We have plenty of time to have a visit.

My father carried the baggage to my dormitory. Then I met my first roommate who would spend the next four years with me together. She was a cute and beautiful girl. She wore a yellow dress and took a horsetail. Besides that, there was an omega watch on her wrist. We exchanged the names. Then I began to make up my bed. After that, we started to deal with other procedures, such as paying the tuition fee, transferring the census migration and making the library card.

Of course I was too tired when I finished the whole procedures. I was a little homesick when my grandpa and my father left. I took out my cute diary which has a franck muller watch model on it and wrote a long diary that night to express my feeling. Then my college life really began in a strange city. I try my best to be a good student and I achieved a lot of success in that four yeas. I should say I am proud of myself. I have no regret to enter into university. I love you forever, my dear university.

Do you prefer to live with your parents, or by yourself?

I pick up a newspaper and read when the Gucci watch says it s the time to have rest. Then I find a funny article “Do you prefer to live with your parents, or by yourself?”

Many people have different opinions about their home, some people might choose to live with their parents, and some might prefer to live by themselves. Now, here’s my opinion.

I’d choose to live by myself, because living alone gives you a lot of spaces and a quiet house. I can go to have a visit to a replica watches shop in any time, I can return to my home at late time and I can date my friend when I want. I personally love being alone and not bother by anyone, so if it’s me, I’ll choose to live by myself.

Well, of course, you can choose to live with your parents, or by yourself, it all depend on you, but if you ask me which choice will I choose, I’ll definitely choose to live by myself.

My father has an omega watches company and my mother is a famous teacher. In the others eyes, I am very lucky. But they put too attentions to I can’t breath. I decide to have a talk with my parents well after reading that article.

                                            I decide to buy a house

I graduate from my university then find a good job in a luxury replica watches company.

It is a big and famous company. Some of my friends say I am a lucky guy when they get my job. At the beginning, it is hard. But I insist to go to work with my Movado watch all the time. Because of it, I get a lot of money. So I decide to buy a house with it. Though it is not enough for a bit house and seems like a box. It is very small, but it is warm. This is the relaxing place for me.

I like my house, special my bedroom of it. There are a lot of pictures of omega watches on the wall. Besides that, there is also a special desk in it. I am attracted by it when I see it at the first time. To tell the truth, it is hard to pay for me. But at last, I decide to buy it. Though I work hard on daytime, I become very happy when I return to my house. Besides that, I can look outside through my windows. Look people going and coming! When I’m boring, I like to look trees and flowers out of my windows, it’s really a good way to search for fun .Do you think so?

                                             How to learn English?

“I’m sure it has been a hot potato to many Chinese students. I here would like to share my own experiences.

1) Do not believe that you can peak fluent English in a short time. Language learning is a long term process, keep study every day at anywhere.

2) Speaking in English way. Watching English programs or reading English books which are about omega watches, LV bags and so on will be useful to solve this.

3) Do not memorize the single words. They are actually useless in learning. Instead they make learning dully. You should clearly know that the ability to communicate with foreigners is the actual aim. So memorize new words in sentences.

4) Try to imagine that you are now in an English speaking country, how to communicate with others if you are in restaurants, wholesale replica watches shops, airport...? Hope you will benefit from those.”

It is a perfect article. It seems like to say out all my problems about English. “Attention, there are ten minutes. Please check again and ready to hand in your examination paper” the teacher says. On that moment, I remember I am taking part in an exam. I look at my Gucci replica and find it is near to the end.

                                                 My daily life

I get up when my omega replica watch points 6:00 o’clock every day. I dress myself quickly and have breakfast at half past six. After breakfast I go to school by the bus which is arranged by our school.

I have four lessons in the morning and three in the afternoon. I study hard and always help my classmate with their lessons. I have lunch at school. There are about two hours to have a rest at noon. Sometimes I go out to that replica watches shop with my classmates, and have a look at “Whether some new goods come”? Then school is over at five.

After supper I read newspapers or watch TV for half an hour. I prepare my lessons between half past seven and nine, such as writing an article about a Gucci watch, reviewing the words which I learn on daytime and so on. I go to bed at nine.

The above is a brief account of my daily life on weekdays. There is no school on Sundays. I usually review my lessons in the morning and call on some friends or to go to see a film in the afternoon.

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                                                      Cartoon Sunglasses

The famous brand D&G, which is full of the Italian feeling, launched cartoon fuzzy bear as accessories in its design of 2003. These tiny bears made each lady who still retains childlike innocence crazy about this. All the products with cartoon elements such as cartoon hats, cartoon clothes, or cartoon bags had already become the fashion. They are favored by all of those fashion ladies. Among all these cartoon products, the cartoon D&G sunglasses drew my attention. In this summer, there are various fashion cartoon sunglasses. They are of round shape or oval shape. Most of the lenses are of dark colors. And they are decorated with colorful sunglasses frames such as bright blue, yellow, etc. So these sunglasses look very fashion and dazzling. Though this kind of sunglasses is childish, they are full of the beauty of innocence. They are really a kind of fashion sunglasses.

                                     Double Frame Beams Sunglasses

Those fashion sunglasses with double frame beams are full of the punk style. They are always of oversize. The sunglasses frame beams need take big space, so if the sunglasses lenses are too small, this will turn out to be funny. To reach the beauty of symmetry, the sunglasses frame beams are often designed hard enough. Their materials often choose metals. This design can not only add the modern and fashion feeling to the sunglasses, but also make the sunglasses hard enough to against the pressure. The best model of this kind of sunglass is the new D&G sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses is fit for those people whose face with a little edges or round with square. These people are often equipped with the temperament of cool beauty. So they can show the cool feeling of these sunglasses. As the make up to match these sunglasses, it needn’t to be too formal, just be common.

                                           Sunglasses with Shining Accessories

By careful searching for the fashion nowadays, everyone wants to make themselves shining enough. They want to be different so that can be told from the crowds. Due to this phenomenon, the designs with shining elements such as metal and diamonds are becoming popular. These shining spots even come up in large scales on clothes. In this season, you can see that there are many sunglasses having launched dazzling sunglasses such as new Chanel sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses is of different shapes. Due to the design of shining spots, these sunglasses are all very popular. You can see various kinds of shining spots such as metal rivets. Because these sunglasses are of different kinds, so people can choose one of these sunglasses only if it is fit for you. You can choose bags or clothes with same accessories as these fashion sunglasses to match them.

                                               Sunglasses with Broad Beams

Recently, a new kind of fashion sunglasses is becoming popular. This kind of sunglasses is sunglasses with broad beams. These sunglasses are often taken the design of streamline shape. Though it is a little strange that the sunglasses beams are connected with the sunglasses lenses, this kind of design is full of the mysterious feelings. This kind of sunglasses is often of oversize. So they can cover half of your face. The choice of sunglasses lenses’ colors is always dark colors such as dark coffee, black, etc. These colors are usually gradual. These colors, just like the colors in the Chinese paintings, are scattering from the center to the surroundings. By this design can make these sunglasses cooler. These sunglasses are suitable for any kind of faces except too small faces. You can choose oversized bags and ear rings as your accessories to match these sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses can be seen in new Ray Ban sunglasses

                             Do You Want to Be More Fashion than Stars?

We all admire the fashion wearing of stars. And also we admire the different temperament of them. Do you want to be as fashion as those stars? Or do you want to be more fashion than them? Of course you do. But you don’t know how to make it. Am I right? Now let me introduce a good idea to make it. All you need to do is just to wear sunglasses. A pair of good and suitable fashion sunglasses can improve your temperament immediately. The fashion trend in this season is colorful sunglasses. Once these colorful sunglasses have been launched on the market, they are welcomed by many young people. They can match with different wearing except business suits and night dresses. Many famous sunglasses such as Gucci sunglasses have launched this kind of sunglasses. They are full of vigor. By wearing sunglasses, you can become the shining spot in the crow.

                                         Oversized Square Sunglasses

Recently, Prada has launched new kind of Miu Miu sunglasses. The pink color and prints have all made deep impress on many people. But the most attractive place of these sunglasses is not lying on that. The most attractive parts are the oversized sunglasses lenses and square shape. The edges of these sunglasses are very smooth and soft. The lines can make your faces smaller. The sunglasses temples are located below of the sunglasses lenses. By this design can make your noses look higher. This kind of new Prada sunglasses is made from metals and plastics. The light of metals can reflect on your faces to make you become full of spirit. Maybe you are worry about the weight of these sunglasses. I should note that though they look heavy, they are very light because they are made from light materials. So they are easy to wear.

                                          To Wear in Your Own Characters

Do you want to be different? Do you want to be the shining spot? If you do, here is my suggestion. To wear in your own characters. Firstly, you can choose the popular oversized fashion sunglasses. The sunglasses should have the same color or close colors as your wearing. Maybe you can choose a pair of dark sunglasses, which can make you cool. You needn’t wear too expensive sunglasses such as Chanel sunglasses. You just choose a pair of sunglasses that is enough suitable, fashion and with good quality. A pair of sunglasses can improve your temperament immediately. As for the clothing, you can wear simple T-shirts and jeans. If you want, you can also consider making up. But you just need a light makeup. By doing so, you can give others a feeling of fresh. So the choosing of a pair of good sunglasses is the key.

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                                 The famous fashion British brand Liberty

Recently, the Italian famous sunglasses brand Super cooperated with the famous fashion British brand Liberty launching the new kind of fashion sunglasses --- Lucia sunglasses. This kind of new sunglasses can be counted as one of the most successful sunglasses series of Super. After launching, this kind of sunglasses is very popular. So the sale of this kind of sunglasses is increasing day by day. This kind of fashion sunglasses has three kinds of color matches. So you can choose the color you are in fond of. The shinning spot of this kind of sunglasses lies on the sunglasses frames. You can see many little lovely flowers’ prints in the sunglasses frames. In fact, this is a kind of vintage sunglasses that of cateye shape. And now, this kind of sunglasses’ shape can be seen in many other famous sunglasses such as D&G sunglasses. But most of these sunglasses are not that good as this one.

New series of sunglasses naming Retro Super Future

One of the most famous Italian fashion sunglasses brands Super recently launched its new series of sunglasses naming Retro Super Future. This series is divided into three kinds of sunglasses: People, Andrea and Flat Top. All of these kinds of sunglasses are designed very special.

 The design of this series focuses on theme of embracing the essentialism and minimalism of subjects and their functionality. Combing with the exquisite craftsmanship and simple style, these sunglasses are all sold very well. This is really a very good series of sunglasses that worth of collecting. Now, let me introduce some details of the sunglasses of this series. The appearance of these sunglasses is all very simple. They may be not that beautiful as other sunglasses such as D&G sunglasses. But the materials of these sunglasses are all of high quality. The colors are not very bold but fashion enough. So you don’t need to worry about that these sunglasses can’t be good accessories.

                                                         Super Sunglasses

In 2007, famous sunglasses designers Daniel and Simon Beckerman founded Super Sunglasses Company. Since then, Super sunglasses have been sold very well. In a short period of three years, this sunglasses brand has been paid a lot of attentions. Among the fans of Super sunglasses, you can see there are many popular stars such as Kanye West, Daft Punk, Christina Aguila, and Jamie Fox, etc. In this season, the designer of Super sunglasses has designed a new series of fashion sunglasses naming W. This W series was got its inspiration from the Italian style in last 70s. This design continues the traditional style of this brand that is as simple as possible. So you can see that this new series of sunglasses is of very simple designs without other modifications. Though it is not with complicated appearance as other sunglasses such as D&G sunglasses, it is also very popular.

                                                  Summer is coming

Summer is coming, coming soon. But what grows faster than any others? I think it is sunglass. Sunglasses were used mostly in summer daytime, because they can protect our eyes from bright sunlight and UV. In the sunglass world, there are not only men sunglasses, but also women sunglasses.

Men sunglasses always focus on the functions. Many young men like sport sunglasses because they have good impact and abrasion resistance. When they are doing sports, sunglasses can protect their eyes or even judge the object accurately. Some women like the good-designed sunglasses, because they are various in styles, colorful in color and they can make them look more beautiful than before. For example, Gucci sunglasses, Chanel sunglasses. And sometime, people use sunglasses to cover their swollen or black eyes.

But no matter what functions or styles they choose, they always prefer those sunglasses which can make them look more fashion and have more temperament.

                                                New Coming Super Sunglasses

Recently, the famous sunglasses brand Super launched its new sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses is all vintage sunglasses. The sunglasses are of two round sunglasses lenses just as you can see in the old movies. Besides the main color black, you can see the metal with golden color on the sunglasses make these sunglasses more fashion. Black together with black can be counted as perfect match. The frames of these sunglasses are all made of acetate fiber. And the lenses are the most famous Zeiss glasses. Though Super has already been the famous sunglasses brand, the launching of this kind of sunglasses made Super popular around the world again. Now it is nearly as popular as Dior sunglasses. Super knows that there is still a long way to reach success, but all the staff of Super said that they would fight and try their best.

                                                        Italian sunglasses brands Super

Good news! One of the most famous Italian sunglasses brands Super has just launched the new sunglasses series LLaria. This is a kind of limited sunglasses. There are only one hundred and seventy sunglasses of this kind around the world. The value of this kind of sunglasses can be as good as Dior sunglasses. So if you are interested in collecting sunglasses, it is really a good time for you. This is a kind of vintage sunglasses. On the edges of the lenses, you can see two up-lifted ends. This design adds some kind of fashion into it. The sunglasses frames are made from golden metal and acetate fiber. The color choice of this kind of sunglasses looks more of the ancient feelings. Though it is made from metal, the weight of this kind of sunglasses is very light. So this kind of sunglasses is also easy carrying.

                                          Sunglasses in Autumn and Winter

Once arriving the transition seasons, many things will launch new kinds to cater for the changing needs of customers. Sunglasses are also one of them. Now, it’s the transition season of autumn and winter, you can see many famous sunglasses brands launching their new sunglasses such as Dior sunglasses. Super now is also launching its new sunglasses. The new kind of Super sunglasses continues the traditional style of Super sunglasses. They are of concise appearance. The colors of these sunglasses are also very simple. There are only two fresh and elegant colors on the sunglasses. So the sunglasses look of high taste. The lines of these sunglasses are all very smooth. And also the materials of this kind of sunglasses are really of high quality. So if you can buy this kind of new fashion sunglasses, you can not only obtain good looking, but also reliable quality.

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                                              Buying a Pair of Sunglasses

Brands sunglasses have become more and more popular in this summer as temperatures rise and the strong awareness of people’s pursuit of fashion. I passed by a sunglasses store yesterday afternoon after getting off work. I saw the shop was filled with people choosing and buying sunglasses. I saw a beautiful girl trying a pair of ladies’ sunglasses, and she looked really cool with Gucci sunglasses. I went into the shop and had a look. There were variety types of sunglasses for men and women in the store and my eyes were dazzled. I had never bought a pair of sunglasses. One staff in it told me that sunglasses can not only protect people’s eyes, but also can make them cooler. I was moved and tried a pair of fashion sunglasses the staff recommended for me, it was indeed pretty and cool. I decided to be fashionable for one time and bought it. My husband was shocked when I got home wearing my black sunglasses. He mistook me as a stranger.

                                                    Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

Capture the elements of the international forefront fashion, always in the details of the spirit into the creation of quality, leading fashion design, showing the unique bright spot in the simplicity and disseminating anticipated romance in the luxury, Oakley sunglasses 2010 pushed polarized sunglasses again to a new fashion territory. Oakley sunglasses for men designers avoided no matter how the Earth rotates, they would always be the pioneer of fashion, breaking the stereotypes of traditional concepts and sunshine boys pursuing personality would be the new group in the fashion world. From the classic to the full details of trends in prevalence, polarized Oakley women sunglasses in the blowing trend of this summer, take you to travel into the African jungle, feel the zebra running in the wild, experience the blue sea and noble fashion of the sky in Posey Mia.

                                            Oakley Polarized Sunglasses

Capture the elements of the international forefront fashion, always in the details of the spirit into the creation of quality, leading fashion design, showing the unique bright spot in the simplicity and disseminating anticipated romance in the luxury, Oakley sunglasses 2010 pushed polarized sunglasses again to a new fashion territory. Oakley sunglasses for men designers avoided no matter how the Earth rotates, they would always be the pioneer of fashion, breaking the stereotypes of traditional concepts and sunshine boys pursuing personality would be the new group in the fashion world. From the classic to the full details of trends in prevalence, polarized Oakley women sunglasses in the blowing trend of this summer, take you to travel into the African jungle, feel the zebra running in the wild, experience the blue sea and noble fashion of the sky in Posey Mia.


                                                   Unpredictable People

I was a sentimental girl, and was easily moved in many occasions. I was excited when receive my classmates’ and colleagues’ blessings by short messages and calls. If people treat me well, I would use the same way to treat them well. I would share bliss and deal with difficulties with them. I was depresses after he abandoned me without a word. I spent almost of all my savings and bought a pair of Versace sunglasses on his birthday. To be frank, I had never been so luxury, my sunglasses were cheap sunglasses bought in a small sunglasses store and I had never worn a pair of brand sunglasses. I wanted to give a surprise and bought the fashion sunglasses for him and it was the first time I was so generous. He was very happy and especially handsome that day when wearing the big sunglasses. But several months later, he fell in love with another girl and vanished into the thin air. I got to know the fact from one of my friends. One year later, he begged for my forgiveness, and I did not forgive him forever.

                                         My Friend’ Sunglasses

I was rather anxious last year when I graduated from the university. I could not find a decent job and worked in a sunglasses store as a shop assistant. I was majored in English, but do the work having no relationship to it. I felt it was a kind of waste, but in order to feed myself, I had no way. I could not return the students’ loans with the low income and I began to be more worried. I had several sleepless nights at that period of time and my eyes were swollen several days later. In order to cover the ugly eyes, I borrowed a pair of oversized sunglasses from my friend. Even though there were many ladies’ sunglasses in the shop I worked, I could not pay for them. My friend’s sunglasses were Chanel sunglasses. I was very grateful when she borrowed it for me. She was born in a rich family and could buy many kinds of brands sunglasses. How good it would be if I were her sister! After all, I could not complain my parents, it was not their fault. The only thing I could do was to work hard and changed gradually.

                                Prada Sunglasses My Brother Bought for Me

I could say that he was a successful business man after struggled for more than ten years and he had more than ten machinery factories in several cities. His task was to enjoy for himself. He had travelled all famous cities in China. Every time he went travelling, he would wear his designer sunglasses and when he got home, he still put on his black sunglasses. I said I also want to wear cool sunglasses when I came back from school one afternoon. I was only nineteen years old that year. Several days later, he bought me a pair of brand sunglasses when he returned from his travelling in Hong Kong. It was a pair of Prada sunglasses. Prada sunglasses were Italy sunglasses brands, which had swept all over the world. Prada sunglasses were not only the characterization of a fashion, but also a weapon of distributing the mysterious charm, as well as gave a unique sense of taste. It was my brother who let me get to know Prada and bathed in the fashion life.

                                       The Sunglasses My Mother Gave Me

My mother gave me a pair of vintage sunglasses when she was alive. She was an old English teacher in the college near our house. She liked wearing sunglasses in sunny days and she would put on the black sunglasses every time she went to the school in summer. She said a pair of sunglasses could make her keep a good mood. She had several pairs of sunglasses and her favorite ones were LV sunglasses my father bought for her on their silver wedding anniversary. She was a beauty when she was young and the pursuit object of many gentlemen when she attended Beijing Foreign Languages University. She was even more beautiful when she wore her brand sunglasses in the streets and many students in her college knew her name. My mother was indeed outstanding, no matter as a student or as an English teacher. I learned from her. I attended foreign languages college and became an English teacher. I would wear the sunglasses she gave me when I was old. 

                                            My Versace Sunglasses

My nearsighted eyes ached and I could not almost open my eyes under the vicious sunlight last summer. I told it to my colleagues and they advised me to buy myopia sunglasses. I went to a sunglasses store several days later. The personnel in the store recommended me a pair of brand sunglasses. She said the sunglasses could make my eyes feel more comfortable. It was a pair of cheap designer sunglasses and I dared not buy. The guide recommended me another pair of polarized sunglasses. The glasses lenses were too big and I did not like it. Cheap sunglasses had no quality assurance and I did not like oversized sunglasses. I wanted a pair of brand expensive myopia sunglasses with small lenses. I went home and called my aunt in Shenzhen. I thought she could help me. I said I wanted a pair of good myopia sunglasses. She said women Versace sunglasses were the best choice. Several days later, I received the sunglasses my aunt sent for me.

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                                                          I feel like an ugly duck

Finishing the work in our library, I went back to dormitory directly. My roommates were surfing online about the newest fashion clothes or chatting with their friends. Different from them, I came from a small village in the country, and did a part-work in the library to support my studying fee here. Besides, I learned hard every day, and I got the first prize every term. 

They were talking about the coming spring trip; I hate the trip at this time of every year. I even cannot afford my tuition, how can I have fun out of the college? In addition, the girls always wear their luxurious womens sunglasses and beautiful hats; when we take photos together, I feel that I am strange among them without a pair of sunglasses. They must think me as an ugly duck, I feel embarrassed in front of them. If I owned a pair of cheap versace sunglasses, I would go with them happily.

                                                                  My Niece

My niece was a naughty girl since she was a child. She did not listen to her parents’ words and often quarreled with her grandmother, my mother that was. She was stubborn and cried to let her parents to buy her a pair of kids’ sunglasses. My brother bought her one and she went it to school happily. Her classmates said that her sunglasses were too big and too ugly. She cried and escaped from the classes and went home directly. She asked my brother to buy her another pair of brand sunglasses. He said he was busy and had no time to go to the sunglasses shop. She did not listen to her father and cried on the ground. To be frank, my niece had been spoiled by her parents. Children born in rich family were always spoiled. My brother, who often wore a pair of Gucci sunglasses, was a businessman and was relatively rich in our residential area. My niece was lucky and enjoyed the wealthy life since she was a child. Many classmates of her admired her very much.

                                                             My Wife

My wife became a bad-tempered woman after I lost money in the sunglasses wholesale business one time. To be frank, life was very difficulty for us at that period of time. We had four children and two old people to support, and I felt the burden on my shoulder was very heavy. I was in deed depression after the failure in the business and went to a sunglasses shop directly and bought a pair of oversized sunglasses in the hope of covering my sadness. I put on the sunglasses and went home. My wife lost her temper and we began to quarrel. Her eyes were filled with tears and said that it was a kind of waste money to buy a pair of cheap Gucci sunglasses and that I did not understand to save every penny for the family. She was an ordinary worker in an electric car factory and in order to make more money to feed the family, she often worked overtime. She complained her hardship and went angry and broke my brand sunglasses onto the ground. They were broken into pieces.

                                         The Sunglasses I Gave My Husband

Since I got married with my husband, I had never given him a present. On the one hand, I was a careless woman and always busy from morning till night, only to allow my family to live a happy life. One day, I heard one of my colleagues said that she planed to buy a pair of Gucci sunglasses for men on her husband’s birthday. I thought love did not mean flowers, gifts or kisses, or brands sunglasses. Maybe it was necessary of the above items sometimes. After all, people were endowed with vanity the day they were born and they needed to be encouraged from time to time. I suddenly had an idea and went to a sunglasses shop directly. I decided to give my husband a surprise and bought him a pair of Cartier sunglasses. I went home as soon as possible after work and could not wait giving my husband the cool sunglasses. Yes, my husband got a shock when I put on the sunglasses for him. She asked me that why I gave him a present, because I had never done it before and it was not a special day.

                                   The Mistake when Choosing Sunglasses

With the coming of summer, various fashion sunglasses have become the magic keys of many fashion guys to be cool. By matching with different kinds of clothes, these sunglasses have blown the fashion winds. By analyzing the different needs of many people, there are coming out a lot of sunglasses that are with different materials. The following is the found of my research. I searched for sunglasses in many places: those big shopping malls, sunglasses store and also the internet. By analyzing, I found that there is a big mistake of many customers. That is when they buy sunglasses, they not pay attention to the sunglasses brands and quality. Eyes are the windows of our heart, and so we should take care of them. But the sunglasses of low quality can not protect our eyes but damage them. We should be aware of the quality of sunglasses. So we’d better buy sunglasses of famous brands such as Gucci sunglasses.

                              Fly Sunglasses, the Favorite of Fashion Girls

Fly sunglasses maybe strange to many people. In fact, they are the common oversized sunglasses. Maybe they are with the oversized lenses that look like the compound eyes, so they are named as fly sunglasses. Fly sunglasses are often the first choice of many female stars. Even though this kind of sunglasses has been popularized for a quite long time, the hot of them is never decreased. And also this kind of fashion sunglasses is popularized by most females. By wearing this kind of sunglasses can not only modify our faces, but also to prevent the most UV. The fly sunglasses in this year are paid more attention on the designs of temples. Most sunglasses temples of this kind have exaggerated logos. And also they are usually with various colors. Now the models of fly sunglasses are Dior sunglasses, Gucci sunglasses, and Farrmango sunglasses, etc.

                                            Locomotive Sunglasses

With the popularity of sunglasses, besides famous sunglasses such as Gucci sunglasses, many famous brands of cars also launched their sunglasses such as Benz, Ferrari, and Porsche, etc. They hope that their fans can love their sunglasses just as their cars. To be frank, their sunglasses are really very good. Maybe those sunglasses are not that fashion as the sunglasses of common famous brands, but they are more suitable for drivers. These sunglasses are often with the same style as the cars. The sunglasses frames are made from metal. By using metal, this can embody the strong of man. And also considering the fact that drivers are wearing sunglasses for a long period, these sunglasses are often made from light materials. So in these days, this kind of sunglasses is sold very well. And also the manufacturers are considering making them to be more fashion sunglasses

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                                      The guider I met in bell tower

 “The 2011 International Horticultural Exposition will open on April 28 in this ancient capital city and run for six months until October 22nd. The expo will have more than 105 participants from cities and organizations from home and abroad.” A soft voice came to my ears, it was a tourist party, the guider introduced the Expo to the tourists, and she wore a pair of lv sunglasses, this kind of sunglasses were on sale in my aunt’s store. Her oversized sunglasses could help her prevent the burning sunshine in summer, as guiders always work in the scenic spots outside.   

“The surroundings of Xi’an’s bell tower are decorated with Bougainvillea, which came from Fujian Province. Established in the 17th year of Ming Dynasty, Xi’an bell tower has stood in the ancient city for over 600 years. It is the largest and most well-preserved among many remaining ancient bell towers.” She said to the tourists continually.  

                                   Sharing Happiness with Other Half

My parents hoped I could get a decent job after graduating from the university; I worked hard and took a job in LV Sunglasses Company as a foreign trader as I hoped. It was not only a decent job, but also with my professional counterparts, as well as had a good salary. I was happy and my parents were proud of me. Liked many other fashion girls, I wore super stars’ brands sunglasses and clothes. I lived a good life in many people’s eyes. Indeed, I was satisfied with material life. In addition to material satisfaction, I paid more attention to spiritual life. Even if I could buy the best sunglasses in the world, I was not happy, because I wanted to share happiness with my other half. I was not as strong as their imagination sometimes. At the thought of being lonely, my eyes were filled with tears. My sentimental road was not smooth and I had been always in the state of depression after work. I wanted to share the happiness of sunglasses world with my favorite people.

                         I Would Gave Her a Pair of Chanel Sunglasses

One of my friends invited me to her birthday party. I thought I needed a pair of new sunglasses when I was in the party. Several days later, I went shopping in the hope of buying a pair of Cartier sunglasses. There were many sunglasses brands, and my favorite brand was Ray-Ban sunglasses, but I had no economic ability to pay for it. I thought only super stars could afford them. It was a sunny day; I put on my cheap sunglasses and went to the largest shopping mall in the city center. I drove my old car and asked a classmate of mine, who wore the wrap around sunglasses, to accompany me. She was a Chinese teacher in our municipal high school and was still single at that time. I had run after her for several months and showed deep affection to her many times, but she was not shaken at all and mistook I was joking with her. She said her favorite sunglasses brand was Chanel sunglasses and her aim was to buy one when she had enough money. I thought I would help her to fulfill the wish one day.

                            Changing Myself by a Pair of Sunglasses

One day, when I saw a fashion icon wearing Armani sunglasses in the streets, I suddenly had an idea and had an impulse to buy a pair of sunglasses for myself. I thought I needed to change myself, especially my image. I thought the first impression was very important for me. I had been dressing so common and so simple that nobody paid attention to me. When I saw my friends wore brands sunglasses, I mistook them as madmen and thought they were too artificial. Maybe I was too observed and ignorant. I could not make up myself and could not buy clothes and shoes. I was even laughed at many times in front of my classmates. I had been fallen behind and did not match a modern girl. I thought a pair of discount designer sunglasses and a skirt could help changing my impression. I asked one of my friends to go shopping with me and bought a lot of beautiful clothes and shoes. But there was no sunglass suitable for me, so my friend helped me buy a pair of cheap LV sunglasses online afterwards.

                                        Round Vintage Sunglasses

With the back of vintage sunglasses, round vintage sunglasses are back to fashion trend again. The round vintage sunglasses look like the Harry Potter’s sunglasses. No matter you like or not, this kind of sunglasses are welcome the fashion guru Sienna Miller, the fashion twins Olsens, and also the most famous signer Lady Gaga. Are you ready to buy sunglasses of this kind? In the early New York fashion show in 2008, this kind of vintage sunglasses has already swept the T stage. The round vintage sunglasses with golden frames are full of the feeling of science fiction. Vera Wang’s this kind of sunglasses are of little exaggerated lovely. And the D&G sunglasses of this kind can be counted as with elegance. Chanel also manufactured a kind of round vintage sunglasses. In last fashion week, Carolina Herrera led the fashion topic by this kind of sunglasses. It is obvious that this kind of sunglasses is so fashion.








                          Some Classical Sunglasses You Shouldn’t Miss

To an elegant mature lady, fashion is no longer the focus of her pursuit. The most important thing is to grasp the details and choose the classical styles that fit for her. The half-transparent amber and wood are practical and easy to match. And also the sunglasses with shinning logos can reflect your taste of fashion. These exquisite details can not only make you look more noble and elegant, but also can make you look have high quality life. This season, Celine has launched a kind of vintage sunglasses. But this kind of sunglasses is filled with modern. And also they are easy to match. It must be the favorite of most girls. Dior sunglasses with white frames are really classical sunglasses for ladies. They are of cateye shapes. They can make you look like elegant and sexy Dior lady. The advanced aviator’s sunglasses of Miu Miu are of course the vintage sunglasses. They are full of neutral feelings.


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                                       Encountering Him in the Library

I finally became the marketing manager in a foreign investment company after five years of hard working. I had the economic ability to buy brands sunglasses; I bought a house in the city and drove a car to work every day. There was nobody who did not admire me in the company. I was a nuttiness and strong girl in their eyes. But on the contrary, I was lonely and fragile girl. Although I was not worried about having no money, always wearing a pair of evidence LV sunglasses to the company, I was indeed tired both at the bottom of my heart and my body. I often had to work overtime and stay up late. Sometimes I was so tired and fell asleep on my desk at nights. How I hoped I had a shoulder to leap on. At the thought of living alone in a big house, I felt afraid sometimes. “It was high time for me to find a boyfriend”, I said it to myself. He wore a pair of cheap designer sunglasses and I encountered him a in a library one day when I was looking for materials of the exhibition. I had never expected he became my boyfriend afterwards.

                                                When I First Came Here

I was a completely stranger in the city. I knew nobody and nobody could help me. It was a summer day when I got here. I put on the black sunglasses my mother gave me when she was alive and got on the train bounding for the city. I did not have enough money and ate steamed bread nearly everyday. I walked nearly 20 kilometers the first three days to find a small house. The sun was too vicious to open eyes. The black sunglasses were broken and I bought another clip on sunglasses. I finally found a small room in the suburbs, 310 Yuan a month. I bought newspapers and made telephone calls, and I was hired by a cheap sunglasses store, which was not far from my living place. I was very excited at the moment I found the job. I loved sunglasses and I could learn much knowledge about Roberto Cavalli sunglasses in the store. I planed to open a sunglasses shop when I had enough money. I wished the dream could come true in the near future.

                                     On the Way to the Government

I went to our municipal government to deal with business one Monday. It was a sunny day, so I decided to put on my cheapest Oakley sunglasses and drove my car to the government. To be frank, I felt my pressure was so big during that period of time. The issues on my construction sites were very troublesome; my new house and sunglasses shop were decorating. My wife was unhappy because of a short massager from a pretty girl. She said she wanted to die at that moment and I held back her. I thought a lot of things on the way to the government and suddenly felt I had gotten old when I wore the black sunglasses. It was ten o’clock when I arrived at there. The leader was on the way to the government and I waited him on my car. I began to think a lot again and my eyes were filled with tears unconsciously. I did not know why. I fell asleep and was waken up by a person wearing fashion sunglasses. He was one of my old primary classmates. 

                                           Many People Worked Out

In our village, working out was a trend, and all young people had gone out working. It was children and old people that stayed in the village. Some people had made fortune and came back home, buying brands sunglasses and clothes and even cars and their parents were very proud for them. They used the money and built three-storey buildings and lived happy life. There were several sunglasses men in our village, who wore cheap ray ban sunglasses, going shopping with their parents and wives and sons and daughters. My cousin was envious and went out working one day without his parents’ permission. He put on the cheapest Oakley sunglasses her neighbor gave him when he returned home. He worked in a sunglasses factory at the beginning, but he was not satisfied with the salary and began doing sunglasses wholesale business with other workers in the factory. It was known to all of us that sunglasses industry could make high profits these years and he indeed make much money within three years.

                                               My Brother and My Family

My brother was a naughty boy when he was a child and my parents were mad when he stirred up troubles in school. He had been spoiled by my grandmother. When he said he wanted a pair of brand sunglasses, my grandmother went to a sunglasses store and bought him one without saying a word. He wore the big sunglasses and went to school and his teachers and classmates called him a bad boy. My mother, who wore a pair of Chanel sunglasses, was the manager of a computer company and seldom had time to take care of him. She often gave my grandmother much money and my grandma used the money to spoil my brother. My father did sunglasses wholesale business and he was even busier than my mother. Sometimes he only went home for one time within a week. I thought making money was not the unique thing in our life. In addition to making money, the most important thing was to eat and talk with children and give them true love from time to time.

                           A Trip to Shenzhen with My Daughter-in-law

My daughter-in-law was the manager of Carrera sunglasses company; my son was the vice manager of a villa in the resort after he graduated from the university. He was an upright and honest boy and fell in love with my daughter-in-law when they attended college. There was a business negotiation in Shenzhen one spring day and she asked me to go with her. She asked me to put on Serengeti sunglasses my son bought me on my fifty years old birthday when we went out. It was my first time to go to Shenzhen city and the first time to fly in the sky. I was of course very nervous and excited. My daughter-in-law told me not to be much nervous and the plane would get the destination quickly. The boy, who sat besides me and wore a pair of LV sunglasses laughed at me when I got nervous on the plane. Well, the plane got Shenzhen airport two hours later and I got relieved after getting off the plane. Shenzhen was indeed a bustling city. We stayed there for a week and bought several Italy brands sunglasses for our relatives.

                                     The Family of My Landlord

My landlord lived in a rich family and I admired him very much. He was a handsome man and got married with a pretty girl. He wore a pair of Gucci sunglasses the day I saw him. Due to the poverty at that time, I bargained with him and he could probably felt I was pity and rent the room for me with 200Yuan every month. His mother was a worker in Vuarnet sunglasses factory when she was young. She was very kind to me and often chatted with me and asked me to give my mother calls from time to time to let me know I was safe and lived a happy life. She was a fashion woman and wore a pair of Bolle sunglasses in sunny days. My landlord’s father was the boss of Advertising Company, who drove a Nissan car every day going to work and coming home. According to them, they had a sunglasses store in the city center, a company in the suburb area, and a China Mobile shop near their house. The differences between us were so big and sometimes I felt God was injustice.

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                                                   A Boy and His Sunglasses

He began loving sunglasses when he was a little baby and a pair of big sunglasses had accompanied him through out his childhood. He wore the sunglasses every night, and began crying as soon as his mother took off them. It was really a strange thing. When he went the fifth grade in primary school, he picked up litters and sold to people recycling waste materials and used the money to buy a pair of kids’ sunglasses. He was a good boy and worked rather hard. He was admitted by the key high school in his city. He did a part-time job in a sunglasses shop as a shop assistant in the city during holidays when he was in high school. Three years later, he attended college and got scholarship every year. When he was a senior, he went to study in Korea as an exchange student. Every one in our village admired him and his family, saying that the boy was promising. When he came back to his hometown, he wore a pair of Gucci sunglasses, and many villagers welcomed him at the gate of the village.

                               The Man I Encountered in a Sunglasses Shop

I got married with him when I was twenty two years old. He was five years older than me. We got to know each other in a sunglasses shop. I was a silent girl and did not like speak to other people when I was hit in my sentimental life. I cried for a whole night when I was abandoned by my first boyfriend. In order to cover my crying swollen eyes, I wanted to buy a pair of oversized sunglasses and went to the shop. The man was picking sunglasses for men when I entered the shop. She spoke to me when I stood near him. I did not notice him. I selected a pair of cheap sunglasses and left the store. I saw him again when I was walking in the residential area where I lived. He rushed towards me and began to speak to me again. Due to being politeness, I listened carefully. He said that he failed in a business several days ago and her girlfriend vanished into thin air suddenly. He was very sad. A month later, he invited me to drink tea with him. This time, he wore Gucci sunglasses and looked very shining.

                                                       My Father’s Words

When my father gave me a pair of big sunglasses, I smiled. When I bought my father a pair of brand sunglasses, he cried. My father did not receive any education in his life, and he often told me that I should be strong at any time and I remembered it firmly. I was a mischievous boy when I was a child. One time, I fell from the tree when playing in it. My mother was anxious at that moment, and took me to the hospital, which was twenty kilometers from my home, with the carriage. I thought of my father’ words when I felt pain and my legs recovered several months later. I wanted a pair of kids’ sunglasses and my father bought me one, I was happy and smiled. From then on, I swore that I must be filial after I was grown up. I studied hard in school and worked hard in Cartier Sunglasses Company after I graduated. I climbed up slowly and one day I became the general manager. I wore evidence LV sunglasses and bought my father the best sunglasses in the world and he was moved to tears.

                                                         Vara Sunglasses

Since the December of 2009, Salvatore Ferragamo has launched a kind of special sunglasses that is for the classic Vara Bow. This kind of sunglasses is made from acetate frames to show the single color or delicate appearance of tortoise shell. The lines of these sunglasses are very simple but also elegant. So these sunglasses are all have the unique feelings of 60s. The Vara Bow was designed by the oldest daughter of Mr. Salvatore Ferragamo, Fiamma Ferragamo. She designed the bow in 1979 when this kind of bow was only decorated on a kind of ballet shoes that enjoyed the same name as the bow. Once the launching of these shoes, the Vara Bow has become one of the symbolic logos of Salvatore Ferragamo. We can see the Vara Bow on the temple of this kind of fashion sunglasses. Though this kind of design is very simple, it is very elegant. So it will become as popular as other famous brand sunglasses such as Prada sunglasses.

                           The Colorful Sunglasses of Emilio Pucci

In recent years, especially in summers, colorful things are becoming more and more popular. Sunglasses are also not out of exceptions. Emilio Pucci has launched its new sunglasses. All of these sunglasses are colorful. You can find they are of bright red, light purple and many other bright colors. They are very popular after launching. But various colors are one of the reasons to make them popularized. The sunglasses temples are the really shinning spot of these sunglasses. All of these sunglasses temples are of the shape of geometry. The sunglasses frames are made up from several different geometric shapes. So it can make us think of the classical logo of geometric color pieces. This is really a kind of cool sunglasses. The match of fancy temples with bright colors is really a very good collection. I think this kind of new sunglasses can really be compared with new Ray Ban sunglasses.

                    Giorgio Armani: to Record the Nice Moments of Life

Life is made up by a lot of splendid and wonderful moments. No matter from our emotions or the coming of our inspirations, sunglasses can be as the partner of us on the unforgettable journeys. Sunglasses are the helper of us to grasp every wonderful moments. The new series of Giorgio Armani sunglasses is influenced by the trend of 80s. This series is not the copy of the original sunglasses but the new explore to the existing sunglasses manufacturing process. It uses the traditional craftsmanship again to produce the new sunglasses. In the past, they were fashion sunglasses. But now, with the new techniques of manufacturing, they are fashion again. The exquisite designs of this kind of new sunglasses can be the best companion of you to spend every memorable moment. With the popularity of these sunglasses, other sunglasses brands such as Dior sunglasses also try to modify their traditional techniques.

                                Being the Same Pace with Katy Perry

The international popular singer Kate Perry has launched her second album named Teenage Dream. In the MV of her song E.T., we can see a pair of fashion sunglasses worn by her. That is a pair of Vogue sunglasses. That sunglass has just been sold on the January this year. When taking the MV of E.T., Kate Perry said that she was very glad to cooperate with Vogue Sunglasses. This pair of sunglasses not only brings the retro styles, but also the futuristic feeling that fits the circumstances of the MV. The sunglasses use smoked sunglasses lenses. The sunglasses frames are of cat’s eye shape. The inspiration of this kind of sunglasses came from the shape in 50s and light materials. This is a perfect collection of vintage and futuristic styles. What’s more, this kind of sunglasses is also offered with many other lenses’ color to serve different needs. And now, this kind of Vogue sunglasses as well as the other kind of Dior sunglasses has become the best sellers.

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                          The Old Woman I Knew in the People’s Square

I liked basking in the sun in the People’s Square every weekend morning in spring. Morning sun was always good, although it dazzled people’s sun a little. Down there I could see many people. Some were running putting on their sports sunglasses; some young people were having a walk and talking happily wearing their cool sunglasses. It was very interesting one time that when I was having a rest sitting on a chair, an old woman wearing a pair of black sunglasses walked towards me and asked where I came from. I said I was born in Guizhou province and then she talked to me in our native dialect. To my surprise, she could say an excellent native dialect of ours. She was not from Guizhou, but could speak Guizhou dialect. I learnt that she attended college for four years in Guizhou when she was young and took a job in Beijing after graduation. Her daughter wearing Chanel sunglasses came after a while and asked her mother go home together with her. I saw her every weekend from that time on and we became good friends.

                                  An Unreasonable Woman I Encountered

I said to one of my friends, who often wore a pair of Arnette sunglasses these days, that it was a kind of waste staying at home doing nothing on Sunday one day when chatting. He advised me to go to the Xinhua bookstore and maybe I could find a part-time job as a tutor down there. I thought it was a good idea and decided to have a try one Sunday. The bookstore was not far from the place I lived and I walked to there. The sunlight was shining and I put on my ladies’ sunglasses. When I was thinking about my mother’s black sunglasses, which she gave me when I was injured by my ex-boyfriend and cried for three days and nights, an electric car knocked me down. The rider was an unfriendly woman, who wore a pair of brand sunglasses. She took off the car and cursed me and pushed me to the ground. I had never expected there was such kind of unreasonable person in the world. She made the mistake and did not say sorry, instead, she pushed me. I despised her.

                                         The Woman in the Restaurant

I went to the fast food shop to have my breakfast everyday morning when I worked in a factory producing cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses in suburbs being far away from my home. The business of the store was very well and there were many people in it everyday morning. My favorite food was its Mung bean porridge and pumpkin pie. I encountered an old woman wearing a pair of black sunglasses everyday morning. It was rather interesting that she ate the same breakfast as mine everyday. He wore golden rings and necklace and brand sunglasses. I guessed that she was very wealthy. But why she did not hire a housemaid and cooked food for her? I could not understand. One morning, we sat at the same table and I could not bear asking her the question I had been always thinking. This time, she wore big sunglasses. She answered that she liked the food in the restaurant and the most important reason was that she liked seeing me, because she said I looked like her daughter, who had been lost twenty years ago.

                                             The Day I Went to the Park

It was a fine afternoon; I decided to go to the public park in the city center one Sunday. I went by my electric car and put on my fashion sunglasses. To be frank, I wanted to seek inspiration for my new works. I did not know why I was always in bad mood and lost my temper in front of my family members at that period of time. And I could not continue my writing. I passed by a sunglasses store on the way to the park and went into it to have a look at. The shop was holding promotion activity and there were many cheap designer sunglasses. I wanted to buy a pair of men sunglasses for my husband and it just so happened that I encountered the chance. I went to the park directly after went out of the store. I found a chair and sat down. When I was thinking carefully about my works, a pretty woman wearing Gucci sunglasses suddenly sat besides me and began to talk with me. After chatting for a while, I got to know that she was a woman who has just divorced not long ago.

                                  On the Bus to the Book Store

It was my routine that I went to the book store in the city center every Sunday, because there were many books I liked in it, especially the women modern fictions. There was no exception last Sunday. I went out happily and put on my big sunglasses my aunt sister gave me when she came back from Shenzhen. I went on a bus and found a seat and sat down on it. It has been summer now and many people had put on their fashion sunglasses. However, there was a pair of designer sunglasses attracted me particularly when I was on the bus. The host of the cool sunglasses was a handsome boy. The handsome boy was perfect with the sunglasses. I could see two letters “LV” on the frames legs of his. Yes, it was a pair of LV sunglasses. The man looked twenty years old or so and he was tall and white skin. I thought he must be a wealthy son; otherwise, he could not have the economic ability to buy the brand sunglasses. It would be nice if he was my brother or my relative. What’s a pity thing!

                                                      A Friend of Mine

My best friend’s mother had died several years ago. He asked me to have a launch one day at noon. It was a sunny day. He wore his Gucci sunglasses for men and looked indeed handsome. On the way to the restaurant, we passed by a flower shop and we went into it. He ordered a bouquet of flowers and planed to ask somebody to send it to the front of his mother’s tomb. There was a sunglasses shop near the flower shop. My friend pulled me into it. I asked whether he wanted to buy another pair of brand sunglasses, he said that he did not need and he was thinking about buying one for me and that a pair of women sunglasses was necessary under the shining sunlight. I said that I did not need, but he insisted to buy. To be frank, he had helped me a lot and I was very grateful to him. I did not want him spend a penny for me. He was kinder than my elder brother sometimes. Having such kind of friend, I had been content in the depth of my heart.

                                        Times Could Change a Person

Salina was born in a poverty family and did not like speak to other people when she was a child. She was a timid student in her school and in her village. She was trembling with fear when she saw a person wearing a pair of black sunglasses. In her opinion, he was a scoundrel. When he saw students who wore kids’ sunglasses, she thought they were bad child of villains. In a word, sunglasses gave her bad impression in her childhood. Although she was poor, she went to high school and attended key college as many other girls in her village and she became more and more open-minded. She became a girl of having many words. She began wearing fashion sunglasses, which she hated the most when she was a child and wearing exposed clothes and high-heeled shoes and making up herself. Times had changed her into a beautiful and mature girl. She worked in a listed company and became the manager within two years. Salina wore a pair of Chanel sunglasses recently and had just returned from her travel in Hong Kong.

                                I Went to a Party with My Master

My master invited me to take part in a party one summer afternoon after work. Due to being polite, I did not refuse. I dressed very simple that day, a white skirt and high-heeled shoes. There was nothing special except the brand sunglasses my brother gave me last year when he returned from Hong Kong. I got off work at five o’clock and my friend had been waiting for me downstairs. He wore a pair of Gucci sunglasses in his car waiting for me. As a matter of fact, he was my savior when I was bankrupt two years ago. Without him, I could not live happy life. It was five thirty when we arrived at the party, and most of them had begun crazy. Some of them were dancing; some were talking about designer sunglasses and laughing. I only knew few of them, but most of them were kind to me. A handsome boy wearing Cartier sunglasses even invited me to dance with him. According to my master, he was an outstanding lecturer in a Beijing Foreign Languages university. Of course, it was my honor to have the good chance to know him.

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                            A kind of Sunglasses made for Puppies

Puppies, nowadays, are being taken more care of by many people. Some puppies’ owners even make or buy clothes for their puppies. Seeing this business opportunity, a German company has started its program that is to make sunglasses for puppies since the early of this year. Now, they invented this kind of sunglasses and wish to break into English market by this sunglass. The designer of this kind of sunglasses said they firstly designed these sunglasses for rescue dogs in mountainous regions to prevent the dazzling sunshine. The manufacture of this kind of sunglasses assured that this kind of sunglasses can prevent the harm to dogs’ eyes made by sunshine, sandstorm, and snow reflection, etc. What’s more, the sunglasses are equipped with stretchy belts that can adjust the size of the sunglasses. The price of this kind of sunglasses for sale is around forty to sixty pounds. I think if your puppies wear these cool sunglasses, they can be cooler.

                                        Helen Keller Sunglasses

Beauty is the pursuit of all women. In nowadays that is a time of pursuing personalities and advocating freedom, Helen Kelly, a famous sunglasses company, launches colorful polarized sunglasses to make women more beautiful. In 2009, the expert of colorful polarized sunglasses --- Helen Keller came to China. It solved the problem of Chinese fashion ladies who found it was hard to choose a pair of sunglasses to fit for Oriental aesthetics. In the last 70s, dark green, grey, etc. are considered as the represent of stiffness, old-fashion and conservative. With the development of our society and also the improvement of fashion awareness, these simplex colors can’t content the needs of people. So the colorful polarized sunglasses were born. The colorful polarized sunglasses that brought by Helen Keller can not only protect our eyes so that you can make your fashion, but also they endure the spirits of Helen Keller, and that is Helen Keller’s insistence and universal fraternity. They are really fashion sunglasses.

                                    The Sunglasses in Spy Film

Each classic spy film is around the same theme: the fight and kill between terrorist and counter strike. The methods used by those spies are so smart every time that win a lot of praise by audience. And also every time, we can see many magic types of equipment that can help those spies to get out of troubles. In the one of the most classic spy movie Mission ImpossibleⅠ, Tom Cruise had worn a pair of special sunglasses. This pair of sunglasses is equipped with functions such as camera shooting and pictures transmitting. In the Mission ImpossibleⅡ, Tom’s handsome image of wearing the high-tech phone sunglasses had impressed many youth. That is a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Recently, Nextlink Company has launched a kind of Bluetooth sunglasses, which is called Spider. This kind of sunglasses is equipped with a pair of ear phone. It can link with the Bluetooth to listen to music. And also this is a pair of fashion sunglasses.

                                          The First Two-in-One Sunglass

Y-town has designed not so much a kind of sunglasses as a series of cool ways to change sunglasses. In this summer, Y-town launched the first kind of cool sunglasses, which can turn around 180°. This kind of sunglasses can counter many changeable outside environment. This kind of sunglasses has very special appearance. The design of its frames is also unique. What’s more, this kind of sunglasses can be turned around 180°. The sunglasses lenses on the top and down are different, so the wearers can wear different sunglasses for different use at any time. The different sunglasses are of two kinds of different paint-coats. These two different kinds of sunglasses lenses are used for two different kinds of weather. The brown lenses can protect sunshine from the drivers’ eyes so that they can see the routes more clearly. This is really a pair of both fashion sunglasses and functional sunglasses.

                                             Super Sunglasses

In every summer, you can have a lot of choices when choosing sunglasses. But have you noticed that you have difficulties when choosing every time? When facing so many sunglasses brands, do you really think it’s really a hard job to choose? Now, let me introduce a famous sunglass brand --- Super. Super sunglasses have already swept Hollywood. If you pay more attention to the wearing and make-up of those Hollywood stars, you will find that most of them choose the same sunglass brand --- Super. Maybe you did not notice that many super stars choose its fashion sunglasses, such as Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, and Paris Hilton. They will always wear Super Sunglasses in the public. Super Sunglasses not only possess the feeling of Native American Old Skool, but also follow all the fashion elements of the world. Furthermore, Super Sunglasses are all made in Italy and equipped with the world famous German sunglasses lenses. So there are no discount sunglasses in Super.

                                    Ray Ban Wayfarers Sunglasses

From the most popular Hollywood actress Kim Novak in 1950s to the American youth idol Marry Kate Olsson today, from “The father of the folk” --- Bob Dylan to the Golden Global Award candidate --- Carlo Sevinne, all of them choose to wear a kind of Ray Ban sunglasses --- Wayfarers. Ray Ban sunglasses were born in 1952; they were made from the new material --- plastic. So they opened an arena of plastic sunglasses frames. Firstly they only made men’s sunglasses. However, when Kim Novak wore a pair of wayfarer’s sunglasses, they are no longer the patents of men. In the movie Breakfast at Tiffanies’, Audrey wore a pair of fashion wayfarer’s sunglasses so that women started to wear Ray Ban sunglasses. Since then, every girl who is fond of fashion will choose to buy sunglasses of Ray Ban. They are really very fashion and never out of date.

                                 How to Treasure Your Sunglasses?

Nowadays, there are more and more people caring about their eyes. So they often choose sunglasses to protect their eyes. To those ones who pay more attention to their eyes, they will buy sunglasses of high price because they think those sunglasses are more reliable. So they also very treasure their sunglasses. But most of them may not know exactly how to do with their sunglasses. Now, let me introduce some correct ways. You should clearly your sunglasses often. You should know that your facial sweat and oil can corrode your sunglasses. So frequent clear is benefit for your sunglasses. Secondly, you should fold your sunglass correctly to make it in good condition. I think this point is known by every one. Thirdly, you should put your sunglass away from the place where the sun shines directly. The direct sunshine will cause your sunglass’ color fading.

                               The Sunglasses that Can Play DVD

Recently, a new kind of sunglasses is launched in the market. Seeing from the outside appearance, this is only a common kind of sport sunglasses. However, in fact, it is a kind of special sunglasses that can play DVD. This kind of sunglasses is equipped with regular RCA input connector. What’s more, it can recognize PAL and NSTC semaphore. So it can connect with equipments such as DVD player and camera. Furthermore, there is a LCD screen on each side of the sunglasses lenses. The LCD screen is of 76800 pixels, 320*240 resolutions, and 16 bits. The weight of this sunglass is 60g and the attached equipments are 180g. Now the price of this kind of sunglasses for sale is $699.99. I think we have only seen this kind of sunglasses in TV. The innovation of this kind of sunglasses is really very new. Most of us may think to have a pair of this kind of sunglasses. However, its price is like its weight that few of us can afford.

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                                                 Anne and Her Sister

Anne was lying down on the bed and drinking a bottle of beer. She took off her brand sunglasses and gazed the moon in the sky quietly. The moon liked people’s eyebrows and it seemed that it was looking down the world deeply. When a person was in good mood, he would connect to happy things whatever he see and she was more excited when she saw the black sunglasses on the table. Anne was in such kind of mood now. She was imaging a woman wearing a pair of fashion sunglasses in the airport, and that woman was her sister. She got up and went out to breathe the fresh air outside. She was happy really, because her sister would go to see her tomorrow. Since Anne worked in the city, her sister had never gone to see her and they have not seen for almost one year. Her sister was the creator of D&G sunglasses and she had been too busy to see her. Their parents died when they were only two years old, and they worked very hard independently when they were grown up and became successful women.

                                        The Story of Sam and Emma

Sam and Emma grew up together. They were born in the same month and Sam was just a few days older than Emma. They were neighbors and played together everyday when they were child. It was strange that Emma liked sunglasses when she was only eight months old; she wore a pair of big sunglasses when sleeping every night and she would cry as soon as her mother took off the oversized sunglasses. When she went to primary school, she cried her mother help her buying kids’ sunglasses. When Sam saw Emma wore a pair of sunglasses, he also asked his parents to buy him one. Thus they went to school wearing the same black sunglasses with pink frames. Students in the school called them twin brother and sister. They were inseparable going school and coming home until they graduated from university. The habit of their wearing sunglasses did not change. Sam and Emma in LV sunglasses company after graduation, which met their interests of

                                            Admiring a Friend of Mine

A friend of mine was one of the most pretty and charming girls in her company. She was born in a peasant family, but she worked hard and seriously and became the vice manager of her company. Her company was doing electronic commerce and sold sunglasses online and many other commodities online. She bought a house in the city center two years later and she picked up her parents to live with her in the city. She drove to work wearing her Gucci sunglasses everyday. She loved big sunglasses very much. She was indeed capable and every employers in her company thought highly of her, saying that she was very filial and kind to everyone she knew. I admired her so much. Several gentlemen showed deep affection to her, but she was not interested in them and she said that she liked liberty and wanted to develop her career wholeheartedly. One time, she went travelling in Shenzhen with her parents and bought them two pairs of brands sunglasses.

                                                A Boy and the Tree

A long time ago, there was a huge apple tree near a little boy’s house and he loved to come and play around it every day. He climbed to the tree top, ate the apples, and took a nap under the shadow wearing his kids’ sunglasses. He loved the tree and the tree had accompanied through his childhood. When the boy grown up, he attended college and became the boss of a company several years later. When he came back to his hometown, he remembered the tree and the first time to have a look at it. He wore a pair of black sunglasses in front of the tree and the tree. There was only stump left. The branches had chopped by people to make build houses and ships and so on. The boy was very sad, and went home unhappily. Her old mother waited him in the house wearing a pair of vintage sunglasses. Her mother was a blind and could not see him. His aunt went to see him several days later. She was rather pretty and wore Versace sunglasses.

                          Wear a Pair of Brand Sunglasses in This Summer

A pair of dark black sunglasses in this summer is not only the patents of men; the cool thin frames of sunglasses for women can also make them look more handsome, as well as better able to block the sunlight. Neutral clothing with dark sunglasses highlights you are more capable. If you want your face look more perfect and more compact, put on a pair of black oversized sunglasses, and this kind of black glasses frames can be combined with any style of dress perfectly. Summer has come to people’s side like a naughty little girl without saying hello. As the outdoor UV increased gradually, vogue sunglasses have become the essential thing when going out, and beautiful women on the street not only make the sunglasses have the function of shading, but also beautiful fashion accessories. If you want to highlight your temperament in this summer, choose a pair of brand sunglasses, like Gucci sunglasses, and you will not regret.

                                       The Story of Sam and Emma

Sam and Emma grew up together. They were born in the same month and Sam was just a few days older than Emma. They were neighbors and played together everyday when they were child. It was strange that Emma liked sunglasses when she was only eight months old; she wore a pair of big sunglasses when sleeping every night and she would cry as soon as her mother took off the oversized sunglasses. When she went to primary school, she cried her mother help her buying kids’ sunglasses. When Sam saw Emma wore a pair of sunglasses, he also asked his parents to buy him one. Thus they went to school wearing the same black sunglasses with pink frames. Students in the school called them twin brother and sister. They were inseparable going school and coming home until they graduated from university. The habit of their wearing sunglasses did not change. Sam and Emma in LV sunglasses company after graduation, which met their interests of

                                               he Appointment of Vera

Every girl likes beautiful and there was no exception to Vera. In the depth heart of Vera, she was beautiful enough without making up. But today, she wanted to dress up herself very pretty, because she was going to meet a person, who she was urgent to see the most. Everyone wants to show the most beautiful side in front of their favorite people. After finished dressing up, she stood in front of the mirror. She could not believe the girl in the mirror was just herself. She was extremely excited and went out putting on her fashion sunglasses and she thought her Chanel sunglasses could highlight her to the peak of pretty. Vera arrived at the coffee bar before her boyfriend. She asked a bottle of juice and waited him on the seat. He arrived ten minutes later. The boy was rather handsome with his Cartier sunglasses, no wonder she was so fascinated. He had just returned from abroad the day before yesterday and this was the first time they meet after he came back home.

                   International Brand Sunglasses, Ray-Ban Sunglasses

There is a sunglasses brand, and ninety percent of wearers will become cool with them, and the sunglasses are Ray-Ban sunglasses. If you are a fashion icon and like putting on sunglasses, you will know their value after wearing Ray-Ban sunglasses. Ray-Ban sunglasses are absolutely one of the top brands sunglasses in the world. They are the best model of the combination of functionality and fashion. Ray Ban sunglasses and Harley-Davidson motorcycles, ZIPPO lighters became the symbol of American culture at the same time. In the first half of the 20th century, wearing a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses was a sign of super stars. The famous movie star Audrey Hepburn wore a pair of black sunglasses in Breakfast at Tiffany’s; it was just Ray-Ban sunglasses. This sunglasses brand had become the most frequent exposure among fashion icons. The most classic Ray-Ban sunglasses are aviators’ sunglasses. They are timeless classic for sunglasses wearers and most Hollywood stars are wearing now.

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                                         Receiving the customers at first time

I received a couple of foreign customers tomorrow, and it was my first time to handle the reception of customers indeed since I came to the company. I felt a little nervous.

They are British, and look dark. I have been familiar with the PPT of the sale sunglasses which I would introduce for them in detail; also the brief introduction of our company is included. This time they took a field investigation in China was to find a cheap arnette sunglasses supplier which can meet their requirements in every side. If the sunglasses we provide are qualified, they promise to grant us the right to produce the lunette carrera sunglasses which is their another main product. After the PPT introduction, the remaining things came to be easier. Until five o’clock in the afternoon, I completed a whole reception process; I have to say that it was a good experience for me on my way of development.

Thoughtful considerations for customers

I have worked as a chanel sunglasses salesgirl for more than three year after graduation, and now I am the shop manager, during these years, I summarized that only work step by step can we achieve what we want in the future.

Every day the salesgirls are required to read the receiving customer considerations, as we concentrate on the mutual understanding with customers, so it is easier for us to give them professional suggestions. All the girls behave in a polite manner, and confident for our sunglasses at the same time. 

According to the different styles of sunglasses that the customers choose, we can have a plain insight about their interests, characters and habits. If a middle-aged slim lady bought a pair of coach sunglasses, we would get basic information about her: adoring leather luxurious goods, unique brand taste and so on.

                                           Our new roommate

The time when I got home, it was nearly dark. My roommate Melody told me that a new renter moved in this afternoon, and he lived in the room which opposites to our room.

There are five rooms in our rental house, and three of them have been occupied, and now we should share the only washroom and kitchen with other four persons, oh, my god.

 In the kitchen, I saw the new roommate Bill; he is about twenty years old, dresses like a student. He asked how to use the heater shower, I told him that the heater shower was broken several days ago, and the house owner has not repaired it yet. He told me that he works in a wholesale coach sunglasses shop in downtown; he is responsible for the selling of kids sunglasses and mens sunglasses of the brand, and his dream is to become a sunglasses designer.

                                              The “happy camp”

The “happy camp” of Hunan TV station is my favorite entertainment program in our country, the most shining character of the program is that we can see the famous stars on the screen every week; the stars share their new songs or movies with us. Except the superstars, some special talents are invited to show their unique skills, if they are lucky enough, they could win the prize such as electric products or cell phone and so on.

Hejiong is one of the leading anchors of the program, he also teaches Arab language in Beijing foreign university. In the program, he usually wears a pair of black sunglasses, just like a teacher! After recording the program, he would exchange his gucci sunglasses or arnette sunglasses . He enjoys a good reputation in the entertainment circle, many of the super singers and actors are his good friends.

Khalil Fong in the program of “happy camp”

Recently I listen to Khalil Fong’s songs repeatedly. As we know, he is a soul singer and songwriter from Hong Kong. He was born in Hawaii, and then his family moved to Shanghai when he was six. But six years later, they moved to Guangzhou and lived there until he was eight years old; afterwards they moved to Hong Kong. It is said that Khalil Fong is invited to participate in the “happy camp” of Hunan TV station in the upcoming week.

I had supper early on Saturday and sit in front of TV to wait for the program’s beginning. About twenty minutes later, it began. Yes! It’s Khalil Fong; he wore a new pair of ray ban sunglasses, not the sunglasses  he usually wear. He sang two songs continuously, the fans under the stage shouted and cheered. In the interactive session, Khalil Fong showed the fans his new arnette polarized sunglasses which are limited edition around the world.

                                       My father is a drummer

My father is an American-born Chinese from San Francisco, California. He is a drummer, when I was young, I heard the music playing around the house and I was required to pick up the drums at an early age, but I did not like music at all, I was interested in painting.

My father has won a number of awards, including a silver award for New Male Artist at Commercial Radio. What I admire him most is that he masters several languages such as English, Mandarin, Shanghainese, and Cantonese, and English is his first language.

He is also a good singer, and is rather cool with his carrera sunglasses. Every time he performs, he would wear a different pair of mens sunglasses  in the show, so I never buy buy sunglasses, as there is a large storage of sunglasses at my home. My father’s songs have a nice beat and his voice is very pleasant to listen to. He said that the thing he can not live without is music!

There is no discount for clothes at all

It is warmer day from day. Though it is still the late spring now, a lot of fashion followers have dressed the T-shirts or skits. It seems that the white T-shirts printed with cartoon animal printings are popular this year.

After work, Rube called me and asked me to wait her at the shopping center, as there is a large discount within limited time in the department store this evening. I was grateful to hear this, as we know, the clothes in department store are in good quality but the prices are relatively high generally.

When we got there in a hurry, it appeared to be a sunglass brands discount activity; there is no discount for the summer clothes, we were disappointed. I suggested going home, but Rube wanted to buy a pair of wholesale coach sunglasses, I did not think the pair she liked was worthy the price, I proposed her to buy the wholesale dior sunglasses, as it was much cheaper than the former one. 

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                                        The appointment with Mike

I went swimming this morning. When I was about to go home, Mike called me at that time. “Hebe, do you have time this afternoon? I want to go out for a stroll to West Street. My sunglasses went broken last week, I want to buy a pair of cheap gucci sunglasses, it is said the prices are lower there.” He said to me. “Oh, I’m sorry, I have piano class at night, and maybe I haven’t enough time, Can you go another day? Besides, why don’t you ask Johnson to accompany you?” “He is taking the supplementary lessons at school, I’m the only one at home, the weather is so good today, and don’t worry, we’ll make it a quick trip.” “Okay, I planned to go shopping anyway, my boyfriend likes the cheap ray ban sunglasses best, and I want to buy a pair for him. I’ll go with you!” I replied. “Should I go there to pick you?” Mike asked. “I’m pretty close to West Street, let’s go there separately. Be sure to be there!”

                                 A traditional Chinese street

We came to the West Street at about two o’clock in the afternoon, the shops on the streets are in ancient styles, many foreigners like to browse in the traditional Chinese shops, as it is a place where east meets west.

Mike also brought his camera with him, he wanted to have photo shoot here! He planed to send these photos back to his mom in America. We saw many T-shirts printed with opera masks; he was interested in it and bought one for his friend as little present.

 In the stylish sunglasses store which was close to the T-shirt store, various discounted sunglasses such as gucci sunglasses for men, d&g sunglasses for women and many other wholesale designer sunglasses are on sale. The prices were much lower than we imaged, but the quality was not bad.

                                  A surprise we give Mike

Today is Mike’s birthday; it is his first birthday since he came to China as an exchange student in our college. He has few friends here, so Johnson and I hold a birthday party for him, we invited several classmates and friends to celebrate his birthday. Mike did not our plan, as we wanted to give him a surprise! Besides, I prepare a pair of bifocal sunglasses as the present; I know that he is a sunglasses lover, and the arnette polarized sunglasses are his favorite.  

We hold the small party in our dormitory. Everything was ready; I called him and said that we had something important to communicate with him; he asked what kind of things, as he was busy with his paper and had no time to come back to dormitory at once. Then I told him that it was about his postgraduate recommendation, he believed and back in five minutes.

When he opened the door, I opened the champagne, “happy birthday!” we cried together.

                                  The gifts Mike received

Mike was surprised really; he was silent for more than one minute without a word. “Thank you, guys… really, I don’t know what to say, thank you…” his face turned red. He told me next day that he forgot his own birthday, and he was moved about what we’ve done for him unexpectedly.

At the party, we were singing and dancing all the time, everybody was excited, especially Mike, he drank bottles of beer, at last, he was moved to tears. Our classmates and friends all brought presents to Mike, and he opened these delicate boxes under the request of us. The first gift was a fantastic opera mask, as Mike is a Peaking opera fan. The mask was printed with a female role. The second gift we saw were same as mine, they were a pair of sunglasses, but the gucci sunglasses wholesale given by Angela were cooler than the coach sunglasses I gave him.

                            The necessity of super stars

Speaking of sunglasses, it is a necessity for super stars at home and abroad. To avoid of the phenomenon of being recognized by passengers, they often choose to wear a baseball cap and a pair of trendy sunglasses. When they have dinner or date outside, they should equip themselves with these luxurious accessories. They all choose the brands such as arnette sunglasses, chanel sunglasses and d&g sunglasses.

The young people intend to dress in the same way as the actors or singers they adore. My friend Kate bought a pair of lady sunglasses just the same as Julia Robert’s, who is a famous Hollywood actress. Though they look alike at the appearances, but Kate’s sunglasses must be a knockoff I think, because the price is much lower than the price in department store. These luxuries are not the commodities we can afford.

                                    Luuli and Smile fell in love

“It is reported that Luuli and Smile fell in love, do you know that?” Kate asked me when I got to dormitory. “Are you kidding? Luuli is older than Smile, doesn’t she have a boyfriend?” I said surprisingly. “Oh, they have broken up last week, now Smile is her boyfriend, you see, there is a photo on the paper, they went shopping on Sunday afternoon.” She said and handed me the newspaper.

On the paper, they are Luuli and Smile, though both of them wore sunglasses, and the photo was a little vague, but we still can recognize them at first sight. They walked hand in hand; the dior sunglasses they wore are sunglasses brands which are popular now. They looked happy and just like a couple who love each other deeply, but what I can’t understand is that why Luuli could exchange boyfriend so quickly?

                            The News Department in my college

I took part in the News Department in college, every day I have to observe the fresh things happen in our campus, edit it first, and then upload it to our college website. Though it was a little complicated, I was enriched during these days.

One time, I was appointed to interview a sophomore, who did sunglasses business in campus, and many students bought lv sunglasses and oakley sunglasses from him. It is said that a factory supplied him the best sunglasses at a manufacture price, we all wanted to know how he made it, and the legendary student was Karl. I got his phone number from our minister of News Department, I contact at first time to assure the interview time, as he was busy every day. His voice on the phone was soft and polite; he agreed to have the interview with me generously.


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                             My Niece’s Sunglasses Store

Do you like brands sunglasses? A pair of sunglasses can not only block the vicious sunlight and protect your eyes, more importantly; it can reveal your different manners. Some people do not want others too see their own faces and put on their sunglasses; some people’s eyes get ill and need a pair of sunglasses to cover the sick. Some people want to add extra points to their images wear fashion sunglasses. Anyway, there is a purpose of wearing sunglasses. No matter what the purposes of putting on sunglasses are, I always feel they are good things. My niece opened a sunglasses store under the help of her husband. The business has been booming after the opening ceremony. The shop contains a number of sunglasses. They include women sunglasses and men sunglasses, vintage sunglasses and kids’ sunglasses, ordinary sunglasses and brand sunglasses, such as coach sunglasses and many other brands. The store is filled with customers every weekend. I am happy for him.

                            High Profits of Sunglasses Industry

Glasses industry, especially sunglasses industry has been making sudden profits these years according to market surveys and opinion polls of China’s major media. The profits of sunglasses industry were calculated. Elvis glasses, according to a company source, because of the existence of regulatory vacuum, a pair of sunglasses in the past seven or eight hundred ex-factory prices were no more than 100, this was relatively good quality brand sunglasses, and liked those high imitation designer sunglasses, such as Ray-Ban sunglasses, costs accounted for the final selling price were even less than 0.5%. The poor quality sunglasses in the market, the costs of which were less than 5 RMB, but the price of running had been the amount of 50 or 60 RMB, and some consumers even mistakenly believed that the cheap sunglasses are the ones who enjoy the real benefits. Any consumer goods, as long as they are linked to fashion, are accompanied by high profits. 

                                      A Girl and Her Sunglasses

Legend Nu Wa created man, and divided the human into man and woman, so it appears in this world feeling. Throughout the ages, the number of people who have been trapped by the emotion, so that someone sighs: “ask the world what love is” The little baby was born after ten months. However, the little girl cried every night from the day after birth. Her mother had been tortured not a human form after several months. One night, she gave her a pair of sunglasses when she was crying. Who knew that the girl did not cry any more! The black sunglasses were left by her boyfriend when they broke up. Although it was a pair of oversized sunglasses, she kept it and she never thought her child would like it so much. Her baby wore the big sunglasses when sleeping every night. With the sunglasses, her mother could sleep peacefully. After the little girl grown up, she still liked wearing sunglasses. Her favorite brand of sunglasses was Versace sunglasses.

                                    Love Is a Strange Thing

Love was a very wonderful thing, if you all the time to watch a people in love, you would feel like a mad man doing something incomprehensible. But when you were falling in love, you would understand that you may do something incomprehensible in other people’s eyes. She was an ordinary girl and fell in love with a taxi driver for the first time. The driver wore a pair of LV sunglasses that day. They talked very happily and when she was going to get off the car, he asked the girl her cell phone number, and she gave him. One month later, the man called her and asked her to go to the city. The girl went and they chatted with each other very harmoniously. In fact, they have fallen with each other in the depth of their heart. They went to the best sunglasses store in the city and the boy bought him a pair of ladies’ sunglasses. It was a pair of brand sunglasses. They were willing to do anything for each other at all costs. Love was really a strange thing.

                                    In Dior sunglasses Counter

My favorite thing is go shopping, but I do not like going alone, because it would be rather boring. Furthermore, I need a person to talk with me and his suggestions on buying goods. I pulled my roommate when she was sleeping soundly and asked her to go shopping with me last weekend. The task of going shopping was to buy three pairs of sunglasses, one for myself, one for my mother-in-low, another for my husband. It was ten o’clock when we arrived at the largest shopping mall in the city. The sunglasses shop guide was very friendly when we were in Dior counter. I said I wanted two pairs of women sunglasses and a pair of men sunglasses. Dior sunglasses are one of the famous brand sunglasses in the world and one of the most popular sunglasses among fashion people. I was lucky, the shop was holding promotion activity, and I could buy discount designer sunglasses.

                                                    About Salina

Salina arrived at the city and spent several unforgettable days and nights. She had regretted not listening to her parents’ advices and went to a strange city to make living without their permission. It was a shining day when she got the metropolis and wore a pair of black sunglasses. She could not bear the hot weather and was not used in eating habits of the city at the early stage. So she went to a sunglasses store and bought another pair of sunglasses, Chanel sunglasses. She ate in restaurants almost every day. Several days later, she spent up all her money She borrowed money from her classmates instead of asking her parents to transfer it for her. She was so stubborn and not willing to let her parents to know her real situation. Every time when she made a call to them, she said she was rather well. In fact, she did not want her parents worrying about her. She found a job in a sunglasses shop after half a month and get known that she should save every penny and repay for her parents.

                                Four Kinds of Irregular Sunglasses

Sunglasses are not only care products preventing wearers’ eyes from injury under the glaring sunlight, but also special accessories revealing wearers’ temperaments. Do not buy the following four unqualified sunglasses. Firstly, do not buy sunglasses without UV protection function. A pair of good polarized sunglasses can block 99% UV. Wearing sunglass of poor UV protection function may do fatal injuries to your eyes. Secondly, do not buy sunglasses of unqualified perspective rate. Sunglasses of such kinds have identified barriers to traffic signal, and can easily lead to traffic accidents. Thirdly, do not buy unlabeled identity sunglasses. Sunglasses are generally divided into three categories, namely sunglasses for block the shining sun, light color sunglasses for decoration and special sunglasses for snow blindness prevention. Fourthly, do not buy sunglasses that anti-performance does not meet the requirements. Experts reminded customers that people should go to formal sunglasses stores and buy brand sunglasses, such as Gucci sunglasses and Chanel sunglasses. 

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                            The Knowledge of Sunglasses

Sunglass is not only a tool to prevent sunshine, but also a kind of accessories for many fashion guys. In addition, different from other complicated accessories, sunglasses are often very simple. Sunglasses are all full of fashion. Even though your sunglass is of the simplest style, if it is fit for you, it can make you outstanding from the public. If you have a perfect face shape, you must choose goggles. Goggles are a kind of fashion sunglasses that have already been popularized in 2005. In the past five years, this kind of sunglasses is very hot. It can be denied that this is the perfect choice for both women and men to be like a popular star in the shortest time. As for the wearers for this kind of sunglasses, the requiring to the wearers is very high. To those ones, who have round or square shaped faces, are not suitable to wear these cool sunglasses.

                                     Celine Sunglasses

To open up the new time of simplest style, the creative director of Celine designed the first kind of sunglasses, which is full of the retro and simple style in 70s. What’s more, this kind of sunglasses has exquisite details and nostalgic temperament. It has become one of the necessities of many fashion guys. The sunglasses are of strong feeling of retro styles. The shape of the sunglasses lenses is look like the letter “D”. They are with thick lines. They are also of resin frames. The center idea of this kind of women’s sunglasses is to make the females full of masculinity. The design of flat sunglasses’ frames makes this kind of sunglasses attached to each kind of faces. The shinning spot of this kind of sunglasses lies in the silvery metal accessories in the connection of frames and temples. If you wear this kind of sunglasses, the sequins will shine across your hair. This small detail makes the sunglasses modern and fashion sunglasses.

                                          Miu Miu Sunglasses

Miu Miu was founded in 1993. Miu Miu inherits the unique style of Miuccia Prada. It has special character and outstanding designs. Miu Miu is the synonym of outstanding brand characteristics. It is always keeping the development of innovation. What’s more, the quality of Miu Miu sunglasses is reliable. The processing of the producing of Miu Miu sunglasses is very strict, so the craftsmanship of Miu Miu sunglasses is delicate. The inspiration of new kind of Miu Miu sunglasses comes from retro styles. The designer of Miu Miu sunglasses wants to interpret the fashion elements in the past by using modern ways. The gradual change of colors perfectly match with the cat’s eye shaped sunglasses’ lenses. The element of swallow makes the sunglasses more shinning and outstanding. Though retro style has been used by many sunglasses, Miu Miu sunglasses make the best use of it. So Miu Miu sunglasses nowadays become very popular fashion sunglasses.

                                       Characteristic Sunglasses

Sunglasses are the best supporting actors in the T stage. Besides the function of preventing from the sunshine, they are the best accessories to be fashion and shinning. They can help you to improve your temperament. The sunglasses in this year continue to be oversized. What’s more, they are full of the Sicily styles. No matter the metal frames that of jewelry accessories, or the various colors, all of these are making the sunglasses this year shinning and fashion. Furthermore, many famous sunglasses brands all launched their characteristic sunglasses. There are cool sunglasses with irregularly shaped sunglasses frames; there are fashion sunglasses with various sunglasses materials; there are also sunglasses with different bright colors. All of these make the new kinds of sunglasses shinning and outstanding. They are of all kinds of characteristics. But you don’t think they are only belonging to young people. Characteristic sunglasses belong to everyone.

                                          Gucci New Sunglasses

As one of the leaders in the high-class sunglasses, Gucci is making its efforts to extend its products’ sales range. Recently, Gucci has launched its new sunglasses that aim at young people. These new Gucci sunglasses belong to the Gucci Eyeweb series. They are always of high quality and outstanding appearance. The styles and price of this kind of fashion sunglasses are all fit for young customers. Gucci Eyeweb includes two different sunglasses styles: women’s sunglasses and men’s sunglasses. There is a single “G” logo on the temple of men’s sunglasses. To be different from the men’s sunglasses, Gucci women’s sunglasses choose to print double “G”s on the temple. And there are six different colors of each kind of sunglasses for you to choose. As we all know that Gucci is always being the model of many famous sunglasses brands, Gucci sunglasses quality is definitely reliable. What’s more, their special appearance will make you different from others.

                                      Crazy Love for Star Sunglasses

Sunglasses have become the necessities of stars to be fashion. There is a slogan for many stars, “We can not even carry with identification cards, but we should wear with sunglasses.” From this, we can see the charming of sunglasses to stars. Channel becomes the first to make designer sunglasses with luxury diamonds. The sunglass is not only a piece of product, but also a piece of treasure. It is worthy of collection. With the romantic trend in spring and summer, pink products have been more and more popular. Burberry designed a kind of pink sunglasses that is full of retro and elegant temperament. Dior sunglasses 2010 can be counted as classic. The oversized sunglasses lenses match with elegant styles. This can be the mixing of modern and nostalgia. Prada has also launched a kind of sports sunglasses. This kind of sunglasses is very simple, but is very cool and fashion. What’s more, this kind of sunglasses can make you look very handsome.

                                   The Fashion Sunglasses in Summer

It is summer again. Are you worried about which kind of sunglasses to wear? Are you feeling hard to make a choice among so many sunglasses? Are you interested in the fashion trend of sunglasses this year? Now let me introduce some fashion sunglasses in this summer. Miss Sixty sunglasses can be the first choice of you. The white and thick sunglasses frames are suitable for any clothes in summer. That is to say, this kind of sunglasses is very easy to match. No matter they are with gradual-change colored lenses or black lenses; they have the charming to make you the shinning star. The inspiration of Thierry Lasry red and round sunglass came from the Jazz style in 30s. To make it more fashionable, the designer chose two fashion colors: red and white. There are also many fashion sunglasses such as Roberto Cavalli sunglasses 2010. You can buy these sunglasses in advance to prevent the strong sunshine.

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                                   My Brother and His Sunglasses

I felt very bad these days. My mother asked my brother to pick me up and go home with several days ago. She said she miss me and wanted me go home. I did not go. The day my brother arrived here was a hot day. He put on a pair of black sunglasses and I could not almost recognize him at the minute of seeing him. He persuaded me going home with him. I did not shake, because the job I was doing was very suitable for me. I would have a bright future if I stay here. I convinced of him and he had no way. Seeing my brother’s vintage sunglasses were too old, I carried him to the sunglasses store and bought him a pair of new sunglasses. He said that he liked oversized sunglasses, which were worn by many Hollywood stars. To be frank, I had never bought anything for him after I could make money. He gave me a lot of money when I attended college and I grated him very much in my inner heart. It was high time I repay him. I bought him a pair of Gucci sunglasses. He liked it very much.  

                        The Prices of Ray-Ban Sunglasses 3025 Online

In order to make high profits, more and more domestic small and medium factories of Ray-Ban sunglasses appear, and a growing number of fakes flow into the market. If you often buy sunglasses online, you would find the prices vary greatly from ten to thousands RMB. At present, Ray-Ban 3025 sunglasses online can be divided into four prices: 0-100,100-600 and 800-1000 RMB, then the same models of Ray Ban sunglasses, why is it such a big difference. 0-100 RMB sunglasses are generally produced in Wenzhou and Danyang. You should not buy these kinds of sunglasses. You may look the same, buy they will do harm to your eyes by wearing them. You should be cautious in buying cheap sunglasses online. The prices of 100-600 RMB sunglasses are produced mostly in Shenzhen. Ray-Ban sunglasses of these types can be compared to the sunglasses in the counters. So many consumers are fooled. The prices of 800-1000 and more than thousands RMB sunglasses are sold in the name of authentic designer sunglasses and buyers can not distinct them at all.

                   High-end Sunglasses Brands Show Personality

In the sunny afternoon, wearing a pair of fashion sunglasses, gestures, would always reveal a gentle intellectual temperament or masculine personality. According to a person in charge of a sunglasses shop, among this spring and summer sunglasses series, there was a high-end brand new trend, like Cadillac sunglasses, Versace sunglasses, Armani sunglasses, Gucci sunglasses, these world famous sunglasses brands, have begun to take the road of cross-border diversification. In the “school glasses” fashion sunglasses zone, a thousand dollars on the Cadillac price authorized sunglasses was particularly striking, “This is a set of fashion, function, quality of glasses in one of the cross-brand supply, and all the materials come from the world’s top Providers. It not only has the function of a pair of general sunglasses, but also into the fashion element”, a personnel of the store said. Pursuit of quality and showing personality are the new direction of this year’s series of cross-border high-end sunglasses.

                                   Ray-Ban 3025Sunglasses Online

It is known to all of us that Ray-Ban sunglasses are one of the famous brands sunglasses on the planet. Ray-Ban 3025 sunglasses are one of the most popular styles among super stars and they have become the hottest selling sunglasses online. There are a lot of cheap sunglasses online and many of them are extremely low. The price of Ray-Ban 3025 sunglasses is impossible less than 100 RMB. You can see such kinds of cheap sunglasses in many small shops. The quality of them is rather poor and they will damage your eyes directly. You should not choose them. As a classic style, Ray-Ban 3025 sunglasses have become the object of imitation of many small factories and after years of development, the sunglasses produced by them would be almost the same as authentic Ray-Ban sunglasses. Such type of Ray-Ban sunglasses has occupied a large proportion on the Internet. They are poor in quality and have bad impacts on wearers’ eyes. Be cautious in buying Ray-Ban sunglasses online. 

                                           Monkeys in the Wildlife Park

It was a sunny day last Sunday; it was my turn to have a rest and my son did not need to go English training school, so I decided take the opportunity and go to the wildlife park with him. The sun stabbed eyes, I suddenly thought of the Prada sunglasses my husband bought for us several days ago. We were rather excited. I wore my ladies’ sunglasses and my son put on his kids’ sunglasses. The park was filled with travelers and most of them wore their cool sunglasses, after all the sunlight was so vicious. There were lots of animals in the park, monkeys, elephants, giraffes and so on. The most interesting animals were monkeys. They were so lovely. According to one of the breeders of the park, the monkeys could grab the sunglasses of travelers passing by them. The breeder said that as long as they were attracted by the reflective of sunglasses lenses, they would grab them, and then escaped. It was the first time I heard such a thing.

                                            A Small Story of a Girl

She had never thought it would be such a result. She became rather silent after he broke up with her boyfriend and became interested in logging onto the Internet after that. Maybe she wanted to seek a kind of balance in the depth of her inner heart. She lived alone in an apartment and did not work and went shopping every day wearing her big sunglasses. She often went to her favorite sunglasses store and bought designer sunglasses. People did not understand where did her money come from? Maybe she was a daughter of a wealthy family. After spend up money, she went to another city to make a living. She was a stranger in the city and did not know anybody in there. She logged onto the Internet and became familiar with several friends online and fell in love with a married man wearing Oakley sunglasses. She felt very safety when staying with him. She got deeper and deeper, and became rather pain in her heart.

                                       The Classic Style of Sunglasses in This Year

The reporters found that simple and generous are still the classic style of sunglasses in this spring and summer in many sunglasses stores, such as Arnette sunglasses. In addition to frames of men’s sunglasses, the styles of many women’s sunglasses continue to maintain neat lines of the box cut face, and pretty lively colors, which show a kind of intellectual beauty of the wearers. Many brand sunglasses in this season follow a simple and generous line. At the same time of showing the classic lines and colors, there are unexpected details. The same series of the same hue is one distinctive feature of sunglasses fashion trend. For example, Paul and other old sunglasses brands are all in black, white, red and purple-based color. The same series adopt the same tones in the design, but the similar styles will be different in part color styles.   

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                             Sunglasses I Bought When I Was Young

I bought the first pair of sunglasses from a brand sunglasses store when I was twenty six years old. It was a pair of discount sunglasses with copper-colored frames and blue-gray lens. When I put on the oversized sunglasses and walked in the street, people would always cast strange eyes on me. I thought to myself that whether I look like a villain after I wore the sunglasses, or honest people like me, are unsuitable to wear such kind of fashion sunglasses. Once, I took photos with my little nieces, to my surprise, the two little babies asked me to take off them with serious expression. But there was also opposite situation. Once I rode back from the outside, wearing my sunglasses and met my neighbors, the young mother and her daughter came. They saw me and revealed commendable looking on their faces. Maybe they felt good on seeing me wearing the sunglasses like this. In addition to the function, anti-wind, I felt I became more fashionable after wearing my cool sunglasses.

On the Train to My Maternal Grandmother’s House

I go to visit my maternal grandmother every month. She is ninety years old and lives alone for almost fifty years. Every time I go to visit her by train. There was no exception to last month. It was a sunny day and in order to protect my eyes and look cooler, I wore my ladies’ sunglasses as soon as I went out. There were many people in the station, and many of them wore cool sunglasses .The train arrived on time. I went on the train and found my seat. The girl sitting opposite to me also wore a pair of sunglasses. But her sunglasses are better than mine. Her sunglasses are a pair of brand sunglasses. I could see “Ray-Ban” on her glasses frames. It was indeed a pair of designer sunglasses with golden frames and red legs. She was so beautiful, pure and noble and looked like a star. We talked with each other pleasantly after the train moved for a while. I also wanted to buy a pair of cheap Ray-Ban sunglasses when I have the economic ability.  

                             A Pair of Sunglasses When I Was a Child

In my childhood, there were little people can pay for a pair of sunglasses. I especially admired persons wearing cool sunglasses. I still remembered that a classmate of my brother went to our house and wore a pair of sunglasses on a sunny day. I was only six years old then. I cast my envious eyes to him. He really looked more handsome after putting on his fashion sunglasses. I kept eyes on watching his sunglasses from the moment he went into the house. It seemed to him that he had noticed what I was thinking. He took off the sunglasses and put them on for me. I was excited and felt the world changed suddenly. When my uncle went from business, he bought a pair of vintage sunglasses. It looked like a pair of cheap sunglasses. We were not rich at that time. When I saw my uncle wear his sunglasses, I clamored my mother to buy me a pair of kids’ sunglasses. My mother had no way and bought one, which spent her 20 RMB in a sunglasses store. 

                                             My Grandfather

My grandfather lived in the bottom of the society when he was young. He was an orphan. He was a cynic and lived a negative life before he encountered my grandmother. He drank and smoked everyday when he was still single. Opium damaged his health. He became blind in a fire accident. He wore a pair of old sunglasses from then on. He was endowed with music and became a street musician soon after he became blind. He wore a pair of dark and big sunglasses and people who knew him call him “black sunglasses musician”. Some kind people would throw cheap sunglasses when passing by. He did not receive any education, but was filled with musical inspiration. He was a pure folk artist. He ate opium as soon as he has money. There was nobody taking care of him. My grandmother gave him her helping hands when my grandfather was heartbroken. He did not dare to think there would have a girl to take care of him before he met her. His life changed from then on. 

                                     Wearing Sunglasses on Classes

My mother-in-law was knocked by a taxi last Sunday and she lost her legs in the accident. My shoulder is even heavier than before. I have to take care of my child and now I have to look after her. I cried for a day and night. My eyes were swollen next day and I did not dare to go out. In order to cover the swollen eyes, I went to a sunglasses store and bought a pair of sunglasses. I thought it was used to cover the eyes anyway, and a pair of cheap sunglasses was enough. The eyes ached more seriously, and I still put on the sunglasses when I went to school to give lessons on Monday. My students said that I was very handsome with the sunglasses. I explained to them that I felt uncomfortable in my eyes and they were swollen and I wore the glasses. It was the first for me to put on a pair of glasses, let alone a pair of big sunglasses. I was not used to wearing them and felt extremely uncomfortable in the bridge of my nose.  

                             Sunglasses Fashion Elements This Year

On 2nd, May, Henan Po Glasses (chain) Co., Ltd held 2009 International New Product Conference in Manhattan. New products of Versace, Prada, Dior, Gucci, Ferragamo, BOSS, Armani, Ray-Ban, Allen Currie nine top international sunglasses brands came into being. Whether in the choice of material or the design of the shape, every detail of sunglasses reveals the city’s fashion luxury atmosphere. In the appearance, the oversized and black sunglasses, which were rather popular in 2008, have more options this year. Indeed, the big sunglasses are cool, and have retro styles of the fifties and sixties in last century. In the details, the modification of glasses legs is more complex and more gorgeous. The decoration in the legs and frames vertical corner shows more foundation. In the choice of sunglasses color, gradual change color is the most popular. Black and gray gradient, earth color gradient, blue and violet gradient are extremely prevalent this year.

                                          Two Styles of Sunglasses

Seeing the dazzling sunglasses in the counter; do you feel a bit dizzy? A suitable selection of a pair of perfect sunglasses, there are a lot of “basic principles “, in conjunction with seasonal fashion, but also the face shape and skin color. The most popular sunglasses this year is the round and large aviators’ sunglasses. New products of the international sunglasses brands have gone from the retro sunglasses line this year. Versace sunglasses 2010 summer series, inspired by the fashionable and elegant design, coupled with the trend of modeling. The new Versace sunglasses design information is clearly unique, and highlights distinct personality. Versace sunglasses for women VE4176 models adopt the width of arc lines frames, revealing the classical temperament, a blend of nostalgia and the future rhyme.

                                  Popular Sunglasses Styles This Year

Sunglasses can not only block the vicious sunlight, but also can create fashionable style of people wearing them. Oversized sunglasses which cover almost half of the wearers’ face are still popular this year. In addition to the big sunglasses, there are many other styles. Many sunglasses brands such as Fendi, Gucci and Diesel have launched playful design sunglasses. They make wearers look lovelier. Many big brand sunglasses have launched designs of irregular-shape lens; Polygon changed the traditional lines of the design, emphasizing the hard, cold, cool feeling. Classic leopard elements in sunglasses are never out of date have been standing the test of time. The forth style of popular sunglasses is tortoiseshell sunglasses. Turtle's natural textures are the most popular and most classic materials in sunglasses. Sports sunglasses each season is always the concern by young people. When participating in outdoor sports in summer, both functional and beautiful sports sunglasses are sent on the us

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从时尚观, 太阳镜 有其时尚点无处不在,从造型到材料,从颜色的选择细节设计。 使设计师的想法充满了时尚的太阳镜,太阳眼镜的概念和技术进行充分的科学性。 所以今天, 太阳镜 越来越多的符合人体工程学和时尚。 夏天将至,围绕一种新的太阳镜即将到来。 让我介绍一下太阳镜的新趋势。 首先,令人眼花缭乱的色彩设计。 无论经典雷朋太阳镜或巴洛克范思哲太阳镜,他们都以令人眼花缭乱的色彩设计的产品作为自己的特色太阳镜。 那么耀眼,颜色已经成为流行的元素之一。 其次,复古。 在本赛季的新的太阳眼镜设计也反映了一个主要特点是复古。 经典风格和时尚风格的蝴蝶都反映了70年代调味英寸 更重要的是,所有这些设计完全表达出女性的美丽和神秘风情。


中性风格大多是在每一个季节的设计师的灵感元素。 你可以看到男性和女性男性化的女性几乎随处可见。 因此,在今年夏天,中性风格仍然是太阳眼镜的设计之中的特色种元素。 更何况,加入丰富多彩的内容,使中性风格更时尚。 在今年夏天,雷朋公司即将推出一种 飞行员的太阳镜 这种太阳镜种加入到许多明亮的色彩,如淡粉红,天蓝等,以便他们为女性和男性都适合。 流行的中性的风格是密切相关的社会。 如今,职业女性想使他们更强大,这表明他们在工作中的地位与男子平等的。 在其他方面,男人想使他们有更大的亲和力。 因此,在设计细节 销售太阳镜 ,线条变得更简单和更简单。 太阳镜框架是由金属或塑料制成。 太阳眼镜镜片扁圆,可以密封面紧密结合,使你看起来更能干,经验丰富。


二,功能 太阳镜 原本是阳光保护你的眼睛。 他们可以防止一个百分之百的紫外线过滤器,因为在和红外线等有害光线。 然而,戴墨镜的发展,时尚已经成为人们追求的太阳镜戴上。 因此,普通的太阳镜是没有人再普通的需要。 此外,在选择太阳镜的专业活动外,常见的太阳镜是不是明智的选择。 当我们选择太阳镜,我们确切地知道我们的环境,无论去爬山或冲浪。 我们要以紫外线的太阳镜照顾'能力防止,打击片段,并看到在夜间进行。 更何况,他们的材料的选择也应注意。 聪明的选择是选择其中与著名的太阳镜 品牌的太阳镜 有许多著名的太阳眼镜,所以真的很难选择太阳镜。 也许你需要选择最好的品牌不是最好的太阳镜,但是你应该购买质量最好的太阳镜。


风格各异的太阳镜,是醇厚而低调,这位新来 的人的太阳镜 是夸张的造型和精致的细节。 男士太阳镜不再是简单和粗糙,但具体细节将与众多的特色。 一些特殊的材料也被加入到男人的太阳镜。 白金,黄金,皮革等,已成为人们的太阳镜流行的材料研究。 此外,一些公司还提供特别选择一些稀有材料的某些人。 名牌太阳镜, 正变得越来越流行。 至于颜色,传统的黑颜色仍然采取的主要部分。 尽管在颜色暗,明亮的色彩也很机器人。 从明亮的红色,玫瑰红紫色,由亮紫色灰色,鲜艳的颜色太阳镜正在成为许多人所接受。 从印刷到彩色花卉图案,太阳镜已经成为重点太阳镜的主要中心。


在这个新的赛季,许多太阳镜品牌都将推出他们的新来港人士。 现在,让我来介绍他们一些。 首先,普拉达。 普拉达线状罗萨和休闲系列是完美的收集活力。 这种太阳镜种红色是街头充满感情的磨损。 这也是一种 环绕太阳眼镜 ,使他们不容易下降。 Burberry是要推出一种新的 飞行员太阳镜 这种太阳镜种较少,但增加了更多的边缘平滑的设计。 时尚搭配明亮 ​​的蓝色和银色使得太阳镜不仅干净整洁,而且美观。 面色苍白的灰色蓝色镜片的太阳镜减少对夏天的感觉在喧嚣和热闹。 雷朋太阳镜公司即将推出他们的优秀作品。 在其公司新来港的是一个太阳镜种手工制作的。 这雷朋太阳镜种精湛的制作工艺完全解释。


2010年,普拉达推出了一系列 太阳镜 在创新为主题的体育和。 这种太阳镜系列代表了一系列骨髓普拉达线状罗萨。 它体现了体育美学。 它显示了现代科学和创新。 它还提供了穿着者的舒适感。 现在,让我们知道更多的一些细节,这些太阳镜。 飞行员的墨镜 这个系列是由塑料制成。 该中心的框架太阳镜装饰有金属。 对帧的边缘,他们是添加防滑橡胶,使穿着者感觉舒适。 令人惊讶的是,在那里脚太阳镜这些都印有Prada的标志。 另一种这样的太阳镜系列的金属饰有泪滴。 戴墨镜的武器也很特殊,它是链添加金属。 这种太阳镜种也搭配既太阳镜镜片的经典。 因此,这些时尚太阳镜很受欢迎。


当新的时尚女神---加加夫人出现在公众的眼里常带着她的猫的 太阳镜 ,它注定有一个时尚圈的复古风潮研究。 公司著名的热 太阳镜品牌 如Prada都推出这项墨镜种复古。 现在,猫的眼睛太阳镜大多成为畅销书。 然而,佩戴猫眼墨镜是很有面子讲究穿戴的。 如果你是面对不完美,你不能穿这墨镜种。 尽管女士们不能在早餐奥黛丽在Tiffanies一样美丽或优雅,他们仍然是疯了墨镜猫的眼睛。 这是很显然,这种太阳镜种是真热。 这是没有墨镜,难怪托德的还推出了复古这个种。 这种太阳镜种妇女已内化人们的头脑,尤其是女士们的心目中。


大黑 墨镜 一度被广泛推广。 他们甚至可以算作经典。 然而,随着时尚潮流的,这种太阳镜种已被大多数人遗忘。 在这一年,复古时尚,大黑墨镜已经成为流行了。 我们可以有更多的太阳镜选择这样的。 太阳眼镜形状这类不再是唯一的弧圆,也有许多其他形状。 这给了我们太阳镜种怀旧的感情。 他们就像早期电影的著名影星,但在那些放荡的性格。 这样的太阳镜不仅是 妇女的太阳镜 ,而且男性的太阳镜。 所以,你可以说这是一个墨镜种中立。 在这一年,这墨镜种经常出现在展示阶段。 许多著名品牌此次推出的太阳镜太阳镜种。 然而,每一个著名品牌太阳镜太阳镜种改善这种为此,他们可以有自己的特点。

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                              The Pioneer of Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses of square round corner glasses frames will never be out of date. It is classic style whenever. A pair of oversized sunglasses is almost suitable for all face shapes, and wears one on the face; people will immediately add star style, the so-called “classic”. In fact, “classic” is super useful in opinion of customers. Sunglasses wearers will never be tired of buying sunglasses, especially fashion sunglasses. Oversized sunglasses are also called black sunglasses or ladies sunglasses. If traced, it would be the pioneer of the superior temperament and taste of Jackie O. Her face was not large, but slightly wider side. She commissioned a French friend to find a sunglasses designer Edouard Gros and helped her designing a pair of oversized sunglasses with plastic frames. The exaggerated large sunglasses covered half her face. The shadows of the lady were popular from that time on, and all the way from the 20th century, red to 60 years since the mid-hit.

                                            Top sunglasses 2010

The most popular polarized sunglasses in 2010 are Santa Barbara sunglasses, Polaroid sunglasses, Pilkindon sunglasses and so on. Polarized sunglasses have introduced fashion sunglasses of different styles; they are more colorful and more decorative, so they are welcomed by more and more customers. The most popular sports sunglasses are Oakley sunglasses and Puma sunglasses. The two brand sunglasses swept to an unprecedented height in 2010. Ray-Ban sunglasses, Police sunglasses and Ferrari sunglasses are the most popular sunglasses among men’s sunglasses. They are both retro and fashionable. I think the most familiar one is Ray-ban sunglasses. A pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses can best show your temperament. The most popular sunglasses for women are Gucci sunglasses, Dior sunglasses and Chloe sunglasses. Because these sunglasses brands can best show the beauty and charm of a woman.

                          Choose Sunglasses According to Your Need

The present sunglasses on the market can be divided into two categories. The first type is sunglasses using to withstand vicious sunlight and ultimately protect wearers’ eyes. The second one is light-colored sunglasses. The main function of this kind of sunglasses is decoration. When you are in a sunglasses store, you need to tell sunglasses guide the purpose of buying sunglasses. If you are afraid of the vicious sunlight, choose brand sunglasses, such as Ray-Ban sunglasses, Oakley sunglasses, and Versace sunglasses and so on so forth. If you want to show off yourself, you can buy cool sunglasses. A pair of cheap designer sunglasses can make you cool enough. I quarreled with my boyfriend last weekend, my tears poured down. My eyes were swollen in the next morning. In order to hide my swollen eyes, I went to a sunglasses store and bought a pair of cheap Oakley sunglasses.

                                      A Young Man in My Sunglasses Shop

A young fellow went to my sunglasses store yesterday afternoon. He did not look very reach, or a middle-incomer. He said he want to buy a pair of sunglasses for his mother. He asked me how much it is the black sunglasses style in the front row. His eyes were indeed good. The style is the best-selling in my store. I said it is 380 RMB after seven discounts. He said it is too expensive and he could not afford it. I explained that the sunglasses are the most popular style among discount sunglasses and that the sunglasses can not only protect people’ eyes, but also can highlight their tastes. He kept on refusing buying the sunglasses. I recommended him another style of cheap designer sunglasses, the price of which is 280 RMB. He still shook his head and asked me to show him cheaper sunglasses. I showed him a pair of vintage sunglasses. It was also a pair of discount sunglasses. It was 120 after six discounts. He bought it in the end.

                               Colorful Plastic Frames Sunglasses in This Year

The sun will be shining immediately after the rainy season. It is season recommended to this year's sunglasses as usual. Various types of brand sunglasses robbed the limelight of the fashion hero many times this season in the T stage. Designer sunglasses have played a decisive role in people’s daily life. Sunglasses of this year are more daring style warm and color changing. Even two years ago quite fashion sunglasses Jackie type ladies sunglasses, have been replaced by earth color frames. So please remember, black sunglasses are not the most popular sunglasses in this year, although they are never out of date. Color plastic frames sunglasses reached eye-catching season peak. Today, light-colored plastic frame sunglasses super high occurrence rate, and the plastic frames are also very diverse styles. The most popular Wayfarer series among stars of Ray-Ban sunglasses is a homogeneous classic from sapphire blue to purple color in almost all. 



                                    How to Buy Sunglasses Correctly

The weather is getting hot and the sun becomes stronger and stronger. Wearing a pair of sunglasses can not only withstand the strong sunlight and protect your eyes, but also can highlight fashion and individual’s cultural tastes. If choose sunglasses improperly, the sunglasses can not achieve the shading effect, instead they will do harm to wearers’ eyes. A pair of qualified sunglasses must be able to block ultraviolet and they are plain mirror series. However, eyes of wearers would feel tired when wearing a pair of cheap sunglasses for a long time. Before a wide range of different styles of sunglasses, wearers should pay attention to the following aspects. Firstly, it would be best to go to formal and professional sunglasses shops in the course of buying sunglasses. Such sunglasses stores have quality guarantee. Secondly, check the information on the card carefully, such as the material of lens, AUV and so on. Thirdly, the best colors of lens are gray, green and brown. They are the best to resist UV.

                                   The Outstanding Sunglasses in the World

Through more than eighty years of the shape of brand cultural connotation, Ray-Ban sunglasses have become diversified, and they have become the most famous brand sunglasses on the planet. The quality of a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses is undoubtedly the most assured among sunglasses lovers. Ray-Ban sunglasses list on the top among various kinds of sunglasses brands. Another popular sunglasses brand is Polaroid sunglasses. Polaroid sunglasses was the first invention of polarized sunglasses, had a profound impact on China’s international glasses brand. Polaroid has been brilliant all the way as time changes, the dust has settled. Today, Polaroid is sit tight and professional quality of the throne, becoming a symbol of trust in the minds of generations. Parim sunglasses are an accumulating brand and successfully lead the domestic fashion sunglasses trends. Police sunglasses obtain the name of top fashion brand in sunglass world.


                        The JOBO Sunglasses My Assistant Gave Me

With the coming of Mid-Autumn Festival, the top leadership went to my department. One reason was to congratulate the festive season. Another one was to inspection. I became a VIP reception leader. My assistant taught me to make up with enthusiasm and gave me a pair of sunglasses, or this year’s JOBO brand new fantasy 99-316. It was a pair of black sunglasses. On Mid-Autumn Day, it was a good opportunity for me to show myself to the leadership. I was excited and nervous. I picked up the brand sunglasses and went out of office, the assistant suddenly stood up, and told me not to wear the sunglasses before I saw the leaders, because it is a good eye, then I believed her, the results of which cast a fool of me. When the leadership got off the car, I put on my fashion sunglasses, having just taken two steps, I could not see the steps, and fell down at once. Instead of helping me up and set me free, my assistant greeted the leaders and laughed at me. She threw to me a proud look when passing me with them, and I began to understand at that moment. It was the cool sunglasses that led to such an end.

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今天,我遇到了一个年轻人。 当我遇到他,他骑着他的摩托车。 他是个英俊的家伙,我必须承认。 他穿着一双 飞行员的太阳镜 骑行时,他也听他的音乐音乐播放器。 这是一幅美丽的图画:一个帅哥穿着时尚对 太阳镜 ,听音乐,而骑摩托车。 然而,这不是一个明智的行为。 我们都知道,我们应该重视对我们的环境,无论何时骑马或步行道路上。 如果我们在听音乐,一边骑马,我们必须注意部分音乐所吸引,不管我们是谁。 然后会发生车祸。 因此,我们不应该听音乐或做一些其他事情,也许引起我们的重视。 我们应该对我们自己的生命负责。 更何况,我真的希望看到年轻男子 冷静的太阳镜 了。


夏利奥黛丽赫本 的第一部电影。 她的穿着,在影 ​​片中,是那么美丽,现在不能忘记为止。 她的白色丝绸围巾和深色 墨镜 ,白色粗线非常上次是在70世纪流行的。 这种搭配体现了一种柔软的女性美充分。 所以在那个时候,你可以看到许多这样的年轻女士穿着。 尤其是她的 太阳镜 ,在电影,也很流行。 因此,这墨镜种被称为“夏利太阳镜”以后。 在随后几年中,她还穿着作为妇女的太阳镜等这类电影 的第凡内早餐。 墨镜,她解释了这种时尚。 她最后一次的太阳镜,这是一种穿在她脑海杂志封面的。 她穿一件白色的双 超大太阳镜 的太阳眼镜,镜片是如此之大,几乎看不到她的脸。



黑暗 太阳眼镜 ,始终是复古情人的设计师,谁想要解释。 更重要的是,很多人会选择墨镜时,外部活动等他们到外面钓鱼。 但是,我们可以经常发现,很难有自己的穿着深色墨镜匹配。 墨镜常常使我们觉得他们是谁穿的人很难沟通和相处。 所以,当戴着墨镜,我们应该记住,我们不应该穿得太正式。 我们应选择那些休闲服。 至于化妆,我们不应该浓妆,因为它会加剧人与人之间的距离感。 太阳眼镜颜色可以选择根据您的颜色 太阳镜 此外,深色墨镜可以覆盖你的疲惫看看。 所以,如果你不想让人们觉得你是累了,你可以 买太阳镜




光功能的 太阳镜 是设计简单而优雅的外观。 因此,太阳眼镜设计师总是能有更大的自由,创造新的太阳眼镜等。 如果你选择穿光太阳镜,你最好不要化浓妆,因为光太阳镜经常给我们新鲜的感觉。 但是,如果我们穿光 太阳镜 与浓妆,那么它会令我们感到太阳镜是多余的。 这些衣服的选择应根据颜色的太阳镜。 我们最好选择浅色的衣服。 如果衣服的颜色太多,我们应该选择衣服的主色颜色看上去像太阳镜'。 最受欢迎的是灰色的紫色光太阳镜太阳镜。 如果你拥有了一个墨镜对灰紫色,也有黑色的头发,你将成为公众关注的焦点了。 这种搭配是充满了神秘。 让我们去 购买太阳眼镜 了。



年轻人总是喜欢丰富多彩。 把人的年轻人喜爱,零售商开展丰富多彩的 太阳镜 五颜六色的太阳眼镜也真的很漂亮。 它们是不同的颜色,如火红,活泼黄色等。 他们真的是非常有吸引力,他们可以让你闪闪发光的市民现场。 丰富多彩的太阳镜是永远 的时尚太阳镜 然而,丰富多彩的太阳镜并非任何人都适合。 颜色的衣服时,应大胆用彩色的太阳镜匹配。 当穿着五颜六色的太阳镜,你可以有大的太阳镜。 通过这样做,你可以充分解释五颜六色的太阳镜。 色妆明亮鲜艳的彩色太阳镜可以使你看起来更性感。 你的头发,你可以去请什么方式。 至于你的头发的颜色,我建议你最好保持其原有的色泽,它会提高你整体的气质。 你可以找到他们几乎每一个 太阳眼镜店。


飞行员的太阳镜 为首次设计了雷朋公司在20世纪30年代。 他们最初提出的飞行员,谁经常被阳光影响。 后来,汤姆克鲁斯感谢,这种类型 的太阳镜 成为广受欢迎。 在电影 TOPGUN ,他扮演一个英俊的飞行员太阳镜谁经常穿这样的角色,这是许多人的喜爱。 那么这种太阳镜种流行起来。 这种太阳镜种往往是非常简单,但充满了强烈的金属印象。 猫的眼睛也被称为蝴蝶太阳镜太阳镜,因为它们的翅膀形状看上去像蝴蝶的。 这种太阳镜种属于 妇女的太阳镜 他们是20世纪60年代普及。 你可以看到他们的电影中最经典 的蒂凡尼的早餐 在20世纪60年代。 在电影开始了,小贝贝,海洛因穿这墨镜种,由她的每一位听众着迷。


随着发展 太阳镜 和人民群众日益增长的需要个性化的太阳镜,太阳眼镜零售商纷纷推出许多种不同的 销售太阳镜 框架太阳镜太阳镜与钻石是其中的一个。 许多著名品牌公司都推出这种太阳镜太阳镜种。 这一点,他们常常造成一种对金刚石标志太阳镜。 这个样子种太阳镜'总是言过其实。 此外,金属太阳镜太阳镜总是很受欢迎。 许多零售太阳镜太阳镜往往发射金属雕刻精致优美因为他们被认为是个性化,因此人们受到很多年轻人的青睐。 如今,稀有气体制成的太阳镜也很受欢迎。 这种太阳镜种往往是多种颜色。 更何况,这些太阳镜总是很灿烂。 因此,许多时尚的客户选择 购买太阳镜 这样的。 如果你想成为一个时髦的家伙,你最好多加注意配件太阳镜趋势,这被认为是一个受欢迎的最。 


今天,当我继续到我工作的地方,我遇见了一位老人。 显然,他打算做早操,因为他穿着运动服。 这是邰齿服装。 他也是一个太极剑携带。 然而,这是非常奇怪的是,他还穿着一双 墨镜 我没有妨碍他的太阳镜。 我只是好奇,为什么他选择穿一双多云每天在这样的太阳镜。 当我来到办公室,我告诉我的一个同事的问题。 她笑着对我说,我是过时的。 她说,如今,每个人都喜欢戴墨镜,无论天气怎么样。 听了她的话,我突然想到,老人穿着一双 飞行员的太阳镜 这是银白色和黑色镜片框架。 相对于那些 老式墨镜 ,这是更时尚的太阳镜。 原来,这位老人是一个时髦的家伙。

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                                         Ray Ban sunglasses

Ray-Ban is a famous sunglasses brand. ‘Ray’ means light, "Ban" means stop, since then ‘Ray-Ban ’brand was came into being.

The birth of Ray Ban sunglasses originally comes from an American Air Force Lieutenant’s distress. In 1923, the lieutenant deeply felt problems caused by strong sunlight when he was driving the small plane across the Atlantic, after went back to the base; he even engendered nausea, headache, dizziness and other side effects. Based on this, in 1930, Bausch & Lomb developed Ray-Ban sunglasses that can absorb the most sunlight, diffuse the least heat and maintain good clear vision. In addition to Ray Ban sunglass has good protection function; the models the designer design also manifest the appearance underscores of the rough valiant military man.

                                                       My Cousin

One of my cousins wears glasses when he was a child. As long as he takes away the glasses, we can see that there is a deformation in his eyes. As a matter of fact, he worked very hard when he attended high school with the dream of being admitted by a key college. But unfortunately, he failed in the entrance examination. Due to excessive use of eyes, his eyes become worse and worse, and the degree goes higher and higher. He has been wearing frames glasses. My aunt often urges him wearing contact eye glasses, but he does not listen at all. He said that it is very bothering to wear eye glasses. He is fed up with taking away them before going to bed. He is pleasure to wear glasses with glasses frames. Moreover, he must wear designer glasses; otherwise there would be something uncomfortable in his eyes.

                                        My Niece and Her Glasses

My niece’s eyes were bad when she was only five years old. My old brother took her to hospital at that time. The doctor said that she was myopia eyes and advised her to wear kids’ glasses. The doctor gave my old brother a prescription and told him to buy prescription glasses in glasses shop. So they went to glasses store. The personnel in the shop match her glasses according to my niece’s eyes degree. This is called optical glasses. The doctor also warned my old brother that her daughter can not wear cheap glasses, because that would does harm to her eyes. Of cause, it is rather inconvenient for a child to wear glasses. But if she did not wear them, she could see things carefully. It was very cruel for a child, but there was no way. Now she is still wearing her frames glasses.   
                                    Why More and More People Wear Glasses

More and more people wear glasses in the modern society. Some people wear glasses when they were a childhood. This is called congenital myopia. Some people wear glasses only for the reason of looking fashion. This is called fashion glasses, which make them appear to be more fashionable. Some people wear eye glasses that have glasses frames, while others like wearing contact glasses. However, the reason causing more and more people wearing glasses is that they do not use their eyes properly. In other words, they do not pay attention to protect their eyes. They read books when they are lying on the bed. They read books in the condition of dim light or read books when they are walking on the road. Sometimes they do not pay attention to let their eyes to have a rest after an excessive use of eyes. The above actions are not good to their eyes.
                                                In the Plaza
She often goes to Zhicheng Plaza located in the Renmin Road on her own every Sunday. There is no exception to this week. One of her favorite things is to visit shoppes. She likes brand clothes, brand shoes, brand skirts, brand necklaces, rings, brand glasses and all other brands. In a word, she is interested in brands. She can find almost every thing she wants in this plaza. She is interested in fashion glasses especially. Versace glasses are her favorite. The glasses display the noble. Of course, her husband is responsible for all the expenditure. She encountered discount glasses this weekend under the help of glasses guide. She bought a lot of goods, including her favorite brand jewelries, watches, sunglasses and so on. After getting home, her husband asked weather she remembered buying salt, she answered that she has forgotten it completely.     


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                                             Dior sunglasses

Christian Dior was born in Normandy, France in 1905, and Dior" is the combination of ‘Dieu’ and ‘gold’ in French, golden later became the most common representative color of Dior brand. Dior sunglasses models’ delicate designed can be clearly seen by its cut and polish on the details, innovative technology and excellent lines. In addition to the elegant symbol, the sunglasses themselves also with a distinctive profile and avant-garde designs and colors to attract the eyes of the public. Each frame or Dior sunglasses with clear signs dotted with Christian Dior, they always show the wearer's taste and identity to the world. Dior sunglasses are the handicraft combined with aesthetic design and the sophisticated manufacturing technology.

                                         Burberry glasses on the market

In 1891, Ba Boli Haymarket opened its first store in the British capital London, and now there is still the location of Burberry's headquarters. With traditional, refined design style and production, Burberry was granted the "Royal Warrant (Royal Warrant)" badge by Queen Elizabeth in 1955. Today, the classic Burberry plaid, the unique features, elegant fabrics and elegant tailoring, has become synonymous of British style.

The inspiration of Burberry sunglasses series comes from the series of avant-garde fashion show style, drawing the metal studs and beading and other details. the classic pattern are re-interoperated by  fine crystal, the metal frame decorated with Knight logo on both. Burberry sunglasses arefamous for theirClean, neutral style, leisure and frameless style, noble metal style and luxury style. Each one of these sunglasses is exquisite and fashionable, the sleek innovative design legs allows it more comfortable in wearing.

                                  Different kinds of bolle sunglasses

With the changing of markets’ needs, BOLLE also launched the required lenses cater for a range of different occasions and a variety of sports. Base on the function of absolutely protecting eyes, BOLLE continue to improve the quality of lenses. the lens can withstand 100% of all UVA UVB ultraviolet rays, Besides, it also filtering the light emitting surface refraction when cooperate with the lens of Polarized sunglasses function, in this way, these sunglasses greatly enhanced the clarity and the contrast of landscape.

 As I mentioned above, different sport sunglasses are used in different kinds of sport, because their focusing point is different. For example, the lenses of Tennis-specific sunglasses enhance the sensitivity of yellow light deliberately to capture the location of tennis, in this way, the player can improve accuracy and reaction time. But the lenses of golf use polarized technology. They are quite different.

                                 How to select suitable sunglasses

How to select high quality sunglasses?

When selecting sunglasses, the first important thing is choose the suitable store; you’d better shopping in the best-known sunglasses shops or shopping malls. Quality inspection departments will give the board said ‘quality of designated service units’ after do a comprehensive assessment to the optical shop, there is more than a dozen these shops in the city. Second, consumers should settle down the color of sunglasses, From the view point of optical, experts recommend brown, gray and green sunglasses, because these colors is helpful for anti-ultraviolet, and it will not caused color deviation when wearing. Finally, consumers should be aware of the surface quality of sunglasses, good lens surface should be clean and perfect, and no bubbles and ripples.

                                            Global leading eyewear group

Italian eyewear Luxottica Group is a multinational company which professionally manufacturing and selling sunglasses, the headquarter was set up in Milan, Italy. It has a number of sub-manufacturing plant in urine, Venice, Milan and other areas, At the same time it has the world's largest optical retail networks in North America, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries and regions. The production and marketing of the brands includes Ray-Ban sunglasses, Bvlgari, Burberry,Chanel sunglasses, Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses, Donna Karan, Prada, Versacesunglasses & Polo Ralph Lauren Vogue, Persol, Arnette, Revo and many other international top sunglasses brands.

Luxottica Group is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of high-end optical frames and sunglasses designation in the world. It has about 6,000 optical glasses and sunglasses stores, these stores mainly locate in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and China.

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                                      A Pair of Beautiful Sunglasses I Saw

I often take bus to work. So I can meet various kinds of people every day. There are always some people attracted my attention. One day, I met a beautiful lady. She is so pretty that I can’t move my eyes from her. She had long hair that color was a little bit wine red. The wine red made her skin look whiter. Maybe she wanted to fit her hair color, she wore a pair of wine red sunglasses. It was a pair of sunglasses with big glasses frames. The sunglasses almost covered a big part of her face. So her face looked a little bit smaller and made her more mysterious. I think that sunglass was so beautiful that I stared at her more carefully. It was obviously a pair of women’s sunglasses. The sunglasses lenses are very smooth. And I guess the pair of glasses is not very cheap. So I tried to find the glasses’ brand. At last, I found it was Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.
                                A Pair of Sunglasses I Bought online

There are many various kinds of sunglasses for sale on line. So few days ago, I ordered a pair of sunglasses on line. Two days ago, I received the sunglass. It looks very beautiful and portable firstly. However, after wearing for one day, I felt dizzy. Mom took me to the hospital and the doctor said it was because wearing the sunglass. I was shocked and asked why. And he said if the glass’s quality was bad and it would make you watch things more tired than common without notice. After I went back home, I found it was true that sunglass, though of amazing appearance, its introduction was not that regular. Then I realized the sunglass was specious. So I learnt a lesson from this Sunglass. Not buying things online, especially buying clothes or buying sunglasses online that need you self-experience trial. 

                                               Can you find it out?

It is a nice day. She wants to have a shopping. But she doesn’t want to go out alone. She makes her mind to take B and C together. They find a franck muller watch during their shopping. They put the watch to the waiter. The waiter asks who find the watch.

A says “It’s not me, it’s not B either”.

B says “It’s not me, it’s not C either”.

C says “It’s not me, I don’t know who to find it either”.

Then they tell the waiter who wears a swiss watch. There is a fake word during the two words. The clever waiter finds out the people by the information which they supply.

Can you find it out?

The right answer is B.

It is a funny game. I am not a clever girl, so I spend more or than three hours to find the result. Now when I see my replica watch, I will remember this story. After that, I love these games. I spend all my free on them. Now I get a lot of skills about it. While I don’t know how to do it, I will make a guess. I suppose it was true and push it completely. Then I suppose another one is true.

                                        An old man and his shoes

On his birthday about his sixty, the daughter sends him a ferrari watch and his son send him a pair of shoes. He loses one of his shoes because of his careless on the train which is running runs on the freeway. All people who sit near him feel pity. But to their surprise, the old man throws out of his another shoe. Every one all can’t understand. The old man says “However the shoe is too expensive, but there is any useful for me. If a man can pick them up, maybe he can wear” with a smile.

At first I just get a good idea which I can buy a franck muller watch for my Mum birthday. But in the last, it takes so much to my life. In our life, there are good things and dad things. They all happen all the time. So if we want to become happy, we must learn to face them brightly.

While the dark is coming, it is real the day is end. But at the same time, it is a beginning start; while your replica watch is stolen in the bus, it is a bad thing for you. But at the same time, you can make a change to buy an omega watch; while your boyfriend leaves you, you just lose a man who doesn’t love either, but he loses you who love him by her whole heart.

Every coin has two sides, when it is dad. You have a chance to see the other side.

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                                                    Who is cleverer?

Jack is a professor of medicine. He is in good mood. He buys a swiss replica watch and a duck. He decides to buy some vegetables to the market. Paying the vegetables, he finds the duck disappears in the basket of his bike. On his way to home, he looks a man wearing a graham watch. He makes his mind to give a punishment to the thief.

The second day, there is a news on the news paper. “I lost a duck because of my careless. Please the picker returns to me or throws it to the field. This duck just is a test. In a fact, it is a real poison. If you make a mistake, you will die in one year”. Under the news is Jack’s telephone number. He looks at the news, takes out his omega watch and walks out slowly. At night, the thief gives a telephone to Jack. “I know you are clever, please save me”. “You should go to the police” Jack says. “No, I can pay you. Please don’t let me go into the jail” the thief says.

At the second night, Jack finds the thief who wears a hublot replica watch and sent him to the jail.

                                                       It is a lucky day

I come from shanghai, I am 22 years old and I am a work which is accepted this society. Most time I am a usual girl. But I am different from the others in some time. There are about three years far my school life. I have no house, I have no car and I have no boyfriend. I just have an omega watch which it costs my lots of money.

While I stay alone, I often think about my future. In a fact, I don’t want to. But I haven’t the other choices.  What’s my talent? I often ask myself. Suddenly my telephone which there is a gucci watch mark on it rings. I have to come back the true. It comes from my sister. She asks me to her home tonight and talks a few important things.

Because I am poor, I choose to by bus to her home. But I think it is a clever idea, I meet a charming man. He wears a pair of glasses and wears a louis vuitton watch. I just can them in the film in the past. Today is a lucky day really.

                                   An unforgettable opening Ceremony

There are more or than two years from my last school life. Two years ago, I walked into the society with red lights and green wines. On that moment I make up my mind to do something to remember my mother school. So I make my gucci replica watch stop on that moment which I walked out the school gate.

I have job about two years, I am now that cute and youth girl. A lot of things have changed in the two years. The society is real and brutal, it is hard to live well. If you hadn’t some special skills, you must pay more time then the others.

So I decide to go on to go to school. Last month, I went to the opening Ceremony. At the beginning, the schoolmaster who wears a franck muller watch has a talk to us. The opening Ceremony lasts two hours. To tell the truth, there are almost people to hear him.

Then our head master hands out our book and says a few things which we must pay attention to. It is funny I find a jaquet droz watch mark on one of my books.

In a word, it is really an unforgettable opening Ceremony.

                                                         They are my workmates

The first one is my boss. She is beautiful and clever lady. She is very fashion. She often changes her hair color. Some people think she is a girl. But she married five years ago and has a four years old son. She often says she is our little sister. The more important is her fan. She likes watches, special the movado watches. She hardly changes another every day.

Another one is my best friend, his name is Jack. He comes from American. He has worked here about two years in our country. He is funny. If he is in the office, you needn’t to worry about your boring. Because he can makes you keeping your smile all the time. But he has his bore. When he meets the hard, he will look at his louis vuitton watch. He tells the watch which is his mother’s gift. He tells his mother is a optimistic woman.

The last one is my small talents. She comes from the same school with me. She just is a kid in our hearts. On her last birthday party, we send her a gucci watch. When she gets it, she cries.

People there are not real friendship during the workmates. I don’t believe this word. We are a good example.      

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                                             In the Glasses Store

One of my friends has been wearing eye glasses after she attended college. She is a teacher in high school. He invited me to buy new glasses together with him last weekend. In fact, her glasses frames are too old, and the style on her glasses is old-fashioned, but she is too busy to change her new ones for herself. Under my advices time and time again, she decided taking the opportunity of weekend to glasses shop. In the glasses shop, we could see many kinds of glasses. There are cheap glasses, women’s glasses, men’s glasses, rimless glasses, glasses frames and so on. After looking at several stores, she decided to buy clear glasses. The frames of the glasses are deep color. The glasses are suitable to her. She looked more spiritual after she worn the new glasses

                                     Some Glasses for Special Usages

Glasses are one of the most useful tools in our daily life. Besides helping us to look, there are many special kinds of glasses for special usages. Now let me introduce some of them. Firstly, sports glasses. Once we look at this name, we must have known the usage of this kind of glasses. Yes, they are made for athletes, especially for the athletes in the field. They can help the athletes against the sunshine’s influence. Secondly, night driving glasses. This is a kind of very special glasses. They are worn by drivers at night. They can help the drivers against the highlight to prevent the car accident. Thirdly, X Ray glasses. This kind of glasses is invented to examine whether the criminals are carrying with guns or knives, which will lead injure to the police and the ordinary people. But now, this kind of glasses hasn’t been popularized yet.

                                    She is loath for him to leave

I supposed to go to Beijing for my best friend Angela’s wedding next month. However, it changed totally. Yesterday I received her telephone, she cried on the phone. I asked her what had happened. “I broke up with Tom” she sobbed, I was shocked” why? Why did you break up? ” “He cheated on me” she said to me, “I saw him shopping with a girl, and he bought a pair a pair of Roberto cavalli sunglasses for the girl and kissed her.” she shouted.

 It was three yeas ago that Tom bought Angela a pair of vintage sunglasses, and Angela took the sunglasses as a precious, he did the same thing three years later unexpectedly. What a jerk! “He begged me to forgive him, how can I do, can you tell me?” Cut the ties! If I were you, I would not give that guy another chance.” I said. She was silent on the other end of the line; I knew she hesitated, because she is loath for him to leave, what a poor girl.

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                                 A Pair of Sunglasses or a Camera?

Lady Gaga, when mentioning this name, you must come up with a series words such as pop singer, wind vane of fashion, etc. However, in recent days, she has become the CD (creative director) of Polaroid sunglasses. In the past CES 2011, Lady Gaga firstly launched a special kind of sunglasses or to be more exact, a camera. Just as amazing as the performance of Lady Gaga, this camera make the public shocked. This camera looks like a pair of sunglasses. It can not only photograph pictures or videos, but also play movies with the two 1.5-inches LCD (liquid crystal display) in it. And now, this sunglasses camera has become one of the necessary accessories of Lady Gaga. You may feel that this pair of sunglasses looks familiar with the one in the Lady Gaga’s MV Poker Face. Yes, you’re right. The inspiration of this pair of sunglass is originated from that one. Now, these sunglasses for sale are only in overseas countries.

                                 How should Myopias choose Sunglasses?

It is really a headache for myopias to choose sunglasses. As we all know that almost all kinds of common sunglasses are of no degree. So to myopias, they often have no sunglasses. Do you also feel it’s unfair to them? I do think so. So I searched the internet for some ways to help them. Firstly, myopias can buy a pair of sunglasses lenses and fix them out of the eye sighted glasses. This is the easiest way. And also, you can wear the invisible glasses and then wear the sunglasses. This way is a little bit easy for myopias. At last, you can buy sunglasses that have degree. However, this kind of sunglasses is not seen very often. So you’d better buy a pair of designer sunglasses. It’s also an alert for those glasses manufactures to produce more sunglasses for myopias. And also there can be sunglasses prescriptions in the sunglasses stores

                                                   Shutter Shades

The Stronger sang by Kanye West is now one of the most popular songs. And also, the pair of sunglasses worn by Kanye West in the Stronger MV has been welcomed by many young people. This kind of sunglasses is called Shutter Shades. It is originated in the USA. It is called Shutter Shades because there are two horizontal bars on the each side of the sunglasses lenses. And these two bars look like window-shades. Shutter shades are expressed a character of wild nature. When firstly coming into public, this kind of sunglasses is sold very hot. You can see many people wearing these shutter shades. Shutter shades are not a kind of men’s or women’s sunglasses. They are fit for the both genders. Nowadays, you can buy different kinds of shutter shades on line. However, shutter shades can really not be counted as a kind of good sunglasses because they can just prevent a little bit sunshine. So more people now buy sunglasses of this kind just for collection.

                            Some New Sunglasses of the Famous Brands

Summer is around the corner, so there are more and more sunstroke prevention coming up. Sunglasses are one of the most popular methods of sunstroke prevention. So recently, many world first-class brands are putting forward their new sunglasses for the following season. Madonna, together with Dolce & Gabbana, goes on their “MDG” series of sunglasses. In this new season, there are thirty two kinds of sunglasses. They are with mental glasses frames, colorful printings, etc. Fendi, in this season, puts forward colorful sunglasses. Different from traditional sunglasses, which are of black or brown glasses lenses, Fendi sunglasses are with red, yellow and other mysterious color glasses lenses. Miu Miu sunglasses, in this new season, have their topic --- Retro. Their sunglasses have many retro elements. So their sunglasses’ colors include the most classic color --- black. There are also many world famous sunglasses putting forward their sunglasses. If you are interested, you can search the internet.

                             The Results of Wearing Poor Quality Sunglasses

The main functions of wearing a pair of sunglasses are the following ones. First, protect our eyes from the injury of ultraviolet. Second, reduce the damage of infrared through the lens to the retina of the human eye. Third, reduce the stimulation of visible light to eye diseases patients. The last one is the function of aesthetic modification. Many young people buy cheap sunglasses regardless the quality. Actually, poor quality sunglasses are mostly substandard sunglasses. Such kinds of sunglasses are diopter excessive and the surface of the lenses is unsmooth. When the eyes fix on the external objects with a pair of cheap designer sunglasses, it will have a twisted, distorted and make eye soreness, resulting in suffering the visual fatigue symptoms, such as dizziness, vertigo, nausea, loss of appetite, forgetfulness and insomnia. It would be best to go to professional optical sunglasses stores and formal markets to buy sunglasses.

                                     Ray-Ban Sunglasses among Stars

The popularity of Ray-Ban sunglasses began in the Second World War when the pilots in America wore pairs of aviators’ sunglasses provided by them. Even the sunglasses of the U.S. Admiral Douglas MacArthur were also produced by Ray-Ban. To be the same as ZIPPO lighter, Ray-Ban sunglasses experienced the Second World War, and has become one of the hallmarks of U.S. troops, and after the war as a fashion product, quickly swept the world. The Hollywood stars also take wearing designer sunglasses as a fashion, which made Ray-Ban sunglasses become popular fashionable jewelry among many Americans after they were introduced in the market. The model of Tom Cruise wearing classic Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses in Top Guns swept the world and set off a heat wave of Ray-Ban sunglasses at that time. Moreover, the famous movie star Audrey Hepburn wore Ray-Ban sunglasses in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The classic style of well-known singer Michael Joseph Jackson was wearing a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

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我有一个朋友。 他是一个胖男孩。 但他非常可爱。 他喜欢与别人笑话。 他的爱好是唱的歌曲。

几个月前,他还是个孩子。 他不知道任何好转。 他总是吃花出去的钱。 他是近200重量。 他通常失去了他的脾气。 于是,他的女朋友哭了很多次。 他喜欢强迫你做一些事情。

他的行为没有一点选择,除了打破了她。 他的女朋友给了豪华副本手表还给他。 这是一个复制品卡地亚手表。 虽然这是一个副本的手表,他们认为它是爱的象征。 他一直以来的感觉平面女孩说再见他。 然而,女孩答应他们会重新在一起,如果他想改变自己。

现在他已经开始失去他的体重。 他去了健身房每一个夜晚。 他真的去在它全速。 他非常爱他的女朋友。 他会为她做的一切。 我觉得这个女孩找不到爱她的另一名男子谁喜欢他。 因此,女孩将等待他。 她相信,男孩可以为她创造一个美好的未来。 同时,我希望他们能永远在一起。



亚瑟王被抓获。 其他国王真的很喜欢他。 并问他一个问题一个女人想要什么。 如果亚瑟可以回答这个问题,国王不会杀了他。

阿瑟问身边的每一个人,如公主,妓女,牧师等。 但没有人可以给他一个完美的答案。

有人告诉亚瑟有个巫婆在阴暗的城堡。 她是一个神秘的女人。 她知道一切事,和她会奇怪的附加条件。 她问阿瑟生产的所有副本豪华手表包括朗格腕表,爱彼表,百年灵手表和假冒等。 更重要的是,她想嫁给他的朋友卡莱夫。 你能相信吗? 这种丑陋的女人想成为最英俊的男人的妻子。 但卡莱夫决定要和她结婚。


新婚之夜,女巫成了一个美丽的女孩。 她问卡莱夫选择之一。 但卡莱夫让巫婆给她的决定。

女人应该是自己命运的主人。 这是正确的。 妇女也可以为他们的决定。 他们都是成年人。 它们可以作为男人的伟大。



购物是出国旅游的乐趣之一。 但海关检查严格,特别是当您返回到日本。 一般杂货这种限制不那么严格,但昂贵的宝石和高级手表等物品,他们大多要仔细检查。

为了让更多的客人来买,外国商店说:“为了不减少货币收益税金额。” 但是,回到日本,它是无用的。 先生的妻子参加了一个小组来港。 因为她想买 贝尔和罗斯看 ,所以他的丈夫接触的S先生,Y先生先生的大学同学谁羽田工程。 在同一时间,Y先生问他的妻子发现S先生,他说:“他很死板,所以没有希望了。” 当她准备返回,Y先生去了她。 S先生发现他的申报表:表为50000日元,20000日元,但收据说。 “夫人,是它的成本20,000日元?” 老太太说:“是的,的确。” 最终,她通过。 后来,在主席先生回言,先生,请他喝一杯。 在酒桌上,同情地说:“不要告诉你的妻子,手表是不值得10,000日元的。这是   复制品 ,它甚至不是一个 复制品手表


一个人下班回家很晚了,很累并有点烦,发现他5岁的儿子正在门口等他。“爸,我可以问你一个问题吗?”抬起头,男孩说:“爸爸,我可以请借10美元吗?“父亲生气了:”如果你借钱买无聊的玩具或其他没用的东西,那你赶紧回你的房间睡觉去。“小男孩静静地走进他的房间,关上了门。 当他平静下来了,他来到小男孩的房门并打开门。“对不起,宝贝,”那人说:“这里是10元。”

这个小男孩大叫,达到他的枕头下拿出一些被弄皱了的钞票。 小男孩慢慢地数着钱,接着看着他的父亲。


“因为我没有足够的,但我现在做的,”小男孩回答道。 “爸爸,我有20美元足够买一 复制品手表 了。 我去送一个 高品质的复制品手表 为you.Please早早回家的。 我想有你一起吃饭。“第二天,那人把他的儿子买了 瑞士手表副本 并给了他一个承诺。


我开车。 我女儿给我看一块 手表复制品 ,问我:“爸爸,为什么不能工作的手表。”这让我想起了过去。 20年前,当我10岁那年,父亲和母亲在农场工作的每一天。 这是一个阳光明媚的日子,我的母亲和父亲四处寻找,晚上在农场。 当他们回到家里,我看到他们的笑容。 后来我听见母亲失去了 高品质的复制品手表 在农场,无法找到它。 这是当时最豪华的在我的家。 从此,我的母亲失去了他脸上的笑容她。 两年后,我们的邻居挑选这种 手表复制品 时,他在农场工作。 但它并没有任何更多的工作。 我看到这是我的母亲仔细清洗。 我的母亲把它扔掉,在卧室和呼出时间很长。

                                                    Watches shop

After five day’s work, I decide to shop with my friend named Amy to relax. On the second day morning, I get up at 8:30 and make up. We reach the due place which we all know last night.

I want to buy a pair of shoes and a trousers, she just wants to buy a sports shoes. Of course, we find a place to deal our breakfasts. When we are having, Amy suggests we should go to the ocean market. She hears her workmates say it has many activities. We go to the ocean market by bus. As soon as we arrived there, we know it’s a bright choice. There are so many shoes and coats. Almost everything I want to have, but I haven’t enough money. But in the end, we all get the things which we want to buy with a suitable price.

When we are going to go home, we are attracted by a watch shop. There are many watches, such as omega watches, movado watches and so on. Amy says let’s go to have a look. At first, I don’t want to because I can’t to pay. But I lost to Amy’s beg. We are to be startled when the waiter tells us the price. At last, we buy one each other. Though it’s not a real one, just is a replica watch. But it’s not important for me.

                                           This Watch Represents You

5 years ago, we meet you behind me in the same examination. It is quite coincidentally that you and I were all assigned to the same class. In my heart you already was my close friend. In the first year sports meeting you bought a CASIO replica watch at the second week. I also bought the same style of this exact replica watch, because I think we are the same kind of person with a deep fate.

However, you were gone in the second year. You may have some misunderstanding of me, but I still regard you as one of my best friends. I still remember we eaten scream together after school and went school together.

Later, my quality replica watch broke twice but has been repaired. In this year it was unable to repair and I put it at home. I did not throw it away because I know this watch represents you.

                                                To Build a Mass Basic

In the New York City, there is a famous replica watch museum, attracted a large number of tourists every day. People all come to the museum to enjoy the sight of various kinds of exact replica watches especially its exquisite handcraft. There is another difference of the museum is the notice put on the door, it says: "whoever impeach the man who steal the watch replicas will be rewarded $200." Some curious visitors asked management personnel: "why not to write like other museum does --- those who steal watches will be fined $200?" Management personnel answer without thinking: "If so, we only have two men to catch stealers. But now, there may be hundreds of people help us to catch steals." So we should try to find a best way to solve the problem. Some times a little bit idea will receive a big result. It is very important to build a mass basic.

                                   Trust Is a Kind of Precious Things

A prisoner picked up a swiss replica watch when he was repairing the road. He handed this expansive replica watch to the police without thinking. But, the police disdainfully said to him: "Don't be so silly to use this watch replica to bribe I, you guys are dishonest!" The prisoner felt despaired that there would never be anyone believes him. At night, he broke out of the jail.

On the way, he robbed money, ready to breakout. Then he took the train to the board of country. It was so crowded that he had to stand beside in the toilet. A very pretty girl came to the toilet and found the door is broken. She walked out, whispered to him: "Sir, can you guard for me beside the door?"

He was stunned at first. Looking at the girl’s immaculate eyes, he nodded. In this moment, he suddenly changed his mind. Next stop, he surrendered to police station.

In the world, trust is a kind of precious things. No one can use the money to buy it.

                                     Waiting For the Other Shoe

There was a man living an old building. He liked living here very much, because he could see landscape from the window. But there was a problem. The man lives up stairs. The man often came back from work late. He always throws one shoe on the floor while he got off with much noise. At that time, the man down stairs was trying to sleep. So the man down stairs was angry with the man up stairs. He looked at his replica watch for a while. The he decided to talk with the man up stairs. He went up stairs. He knocked at the door said with a smile would you please not do this the next day. The man up stairs came back late as usual. He felt very tired. He took off a shoe and dropped it on the floor. Suddenly, he remembered the man down stairs. He had a look at his exact replica watch. He quietly put it down the second shoe. While he was sleeping, he heard someone was knocking on the door. He opened door saw the man down stairs wearing a high quality replica watch. The man down stairs angrily:'' I was waiting for the sound of the other shoe.”

                                 Your Life is the Only Creation in Your Life

A craftsman was ready to retire. He told the boss to leave the watch industry, said with his wife and children, home enjoy family happiness.

The boss didn’t want his good worker to go and asked if he could help to make a last exact replica watch. Old craftsman agreed. But everybody known that he worked carelessly. The replica watch is unskilled. When it was done, the boss of key handed him.

"This is your watch," he said, "It’s my gift to you."

He was shocked and speechless, feeling extremely shamed. If he had only known he was making his own replica watch, how he will do? Now he had to wear this low quality watch replica!

We casually "make" our life without a positive action. We may always refuse to keep improving and can't try our best in the important moments. Regard you as the craftsman and think about your watch using your wisdom to make! Your life is the only creation in your life.

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                                                  How to face gossip

Bingbing is a hard-studying girl. She often gets many prizes in some matches. Recently she is angry about a matter. Some girls talk scandal about her. It seems the teacher believes it. The teacher separates our seats.

“If I’m not the class commissary in charge of study, I will slap the gossip girl. ” bingbing said.

Bingbing’s parents are liuwei’s parents’ good friends. The watch bingbing wearing was from liuwei’s parents. His parents sent bingbing a Maurice Lacroix watch as a present. It is a luxury and special watch. Not everyone can buy it. Many have a Maurice Lacroix replica watch. what’s more, bingbing and liuwei are good friends, too. Bingbing treats liuwei as her brother. So bingbing is quite angry about the gossip girl. She effects their friendship. She really wants to slap her.

But the teacher stops her. And help her to solves the problem.

Bingbing writes a letter to liuwei. And she asks the gossip girl to send it to him. What’s more she let the gossip girl read the letter. Later the gossip girl understands their relationship. And she becomes a good friend of bingbing.

                                       Which is the best way?

One class a professor asked their students to solve a problem. Now I had a mont blanc replica watch. The surface of the replica watch was broken. How could you fix it? If you can fix it, I would give you 100 dollars.

The Japanese student said,“I will find some materials to repair the watch. And it is a convenient way.”

The Chinese student said,“I will find a same surface to replace it. It is replica watch, so it’s easy to find a new one. ”

The German student said,“I will use the most advanced technology to fix the watch. And I promise it can be the same.

The American student said, “I will pay 50 dollars for colleting the way to solve the problem.  Then I can find the best way to solve it.”

Ten years later, the professor found that the German student became an engineer, the Japanese and Chinese student became a common person. The American student became a CEO.

The professor was surprised about it. He thought the Chinese and Japanese student would be successful. Later he found that wisdom is very important during solving problems. Collecting most wisdom can help you to solve the problem perfectly. Nowadays the wisdom is much moer important. We need all the wisdom to solve the difficult problems.

                                           I Can Tell the Truth

Once upon, there was a king who likes to play very much. He always gave the business to prime minister in charge in order to take all the time to play and eat. One day he said he wanted to find a most beauty girl to be his wife. The prime minister privately said: "You see, even if I find a relatively ordinary woman to the king, he will say she is stunning just like that low quality replica watch I has given to him." The next day, he indeed found a relatively plain woman and took her to meet all the subjects and the king. He to say: "This woman is the most beautiful woman that your majesty need." All the subjects agreed. The king looked for a long time carefully, but he didn't think the women are pretty? So he asked the woman:” Where you think you're the most beautiful.” “My heart,” she said:” I can tell the truth. I’m not pretty at all and your swiss watch is just a swiss replica watch.” The king looked at his watch replica and smelled: “You are really pretty.”

                                   It Is Different From Mom and Grandma

She is a women worked in rural for a whole lifetime. But she is too old to work now. Her son brought her to the city to enjoy her rest life. She was very happy to live with her granddaughter. She always likes telling story to her granddaughter about her childhood. She said that she always ran crazy in the farm, breathed the fresh air and listened to the sound of bird. The little girl said honestly: why does mom tell me not to play with bird in the sun because it will make my skin blackens and suffer bird flue. The woman had a sigh after hearing this. When the girl was going to the school, the woman made a watch replica to her. The girl was very happy so she jumped around and kissed the woman. She said:” How pretty the replica watch made by grandma.” However, after the dinner, little girl came to her grandma with the exact replica watch in her hand. ”Mom said it will make me be laughed at if I wear it to school,” she said. The woman was very sad.

                                                                                            Making a Choice between Mother and Wife

The man loves his wife so much. He is willing to do everything for her including all the housework. The Spring Festival is coming, he persuaded his wife to bring his mother to live with them together. His mother is a country woman who was always struggling. So she wanted to cook for her son and daughter-in-law. But she wasn’t used to use the gas. She almost fired the kitchen. Her daughter-in-law was very angry and said that she was useless. Woman was so angry that she said:” I’d like to. This is my son’s house.” They were quarreling with each other when her son came back. The woman asked the son to choose one between her and his mother. The man was in a dilemma. Then she reminded he was brought up by his mother. His dad died early. His mother never let him fell behind other child. She once sold her blood in order to buy a high quality replica watch for him because he was laughed at by other child when they were talking about their exact replica watches. He still wears it now because he thinks it is the best replica watch. At last he went out the door with his mother.

                                                                                                                               My Father’s Promise

I was told by the hospital that my father who is pixilated was missing. I immediately put down the job at hand and looked for my father everywhere. When I was driving past a road, I saw a replica watch store is crowded with people. I vaguely heard someone said that there was an old man who has a mental illness. My head was blank, and then I hurry down the car to have a look. As expected, it was my father. I saw his hand tightly grab a piece of exact replica watch. The shopkeeper was angrily holding a stick to scare him but it still not working. I quickly pushed through the crowd and ran to said to him, "Daddy, why do you take other people’s watch replica. Give it back to the shopkeeper" Father clips the watch in his arm with a fear and said: "It’s Jean’s. I promised to give her a watch." Jean is my mother's name; I suddenly remembered today is mother’s deathday...